No Place Like Home

November 27, 2015



Here’s the lesson: Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends. Then, when your earthly possessions are gone, they will welcome you to an eternal home.

~Luke 16:9, NLT


“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


I have lived in many houses, apartments, etc. but in my 66 years I have really had only two homes. While my parents were living, I considered Sardis Springs my home but now my earthy home is in Danville or Rocky Ford, if you want to be technical. A house is made of brick and beams, a home is made by hope and dreams. A house has no eternal significance but home has infinite worth.

Bro. Inman use to say, “Everyone needs three homes, a Christian Home, a Church Home and a Heavenly Home.” Thank God for a Christian home and for a church home but the best is yet to come. I’ve had an easy life but many of my friends have had deal with sorrow upon sorrow.

I visited one of the sweetest ladies I know on Wednesday and she has stood at the grave side of three children: not one, not two but three and has a sweet spirit and wonderful attitude in spite of the sorrow.

I have a cousin who can’t remember a healthy family. His father had rheumatoid arthritis and sugar diabetes. His oldest brother had MS, his only sister had a rare disease that I can’t spell. His mother had a bad heart and his baby brother was a chronic diabetic, two insulin shots per day since he was 10 years old. His dad and older brother died in their 50’s, his mom, sister and baby brother died in their 60’s. At age 70, he has outlived everyone in his family by three years. No one else got past 67.

I am sick of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and all the other forms of illness that bring pain and sorrow to families. Do I have perfect peace in this world? NO! I see hurting people almost every day of my life and I am looking forward to going home, my real home where we will experience infinite joy, peach and love–with no sorrow, sickness or death.


  • Another great THANKSGIVING service. I loves things that are simple and we had a service in which our children could participate. When Braden Bass grabs the mic, I thought, “There is no telling what he is going to say,” but the little fellow was clear, articulate and right on the money. If his dad had been there, he would swelled up like an old dead dog. Renee was so moved, she could not say a word. Granny T came with Sue and when it came her time she said, “I am thankful for Teddy.” Just kidding, she said, “I am thankful for Sue.” Sue is so high on Granny’s list that she can be the center of a family photo. They still make Adam stand on the edge in case he needs to be cropped out someday. Granny would have sung for us but June could not find the sheet music. We’ve booked her for next year.
  • Gary Garner had his final chemo on Wednesday, we pray.
  • Dropped in to see David and Kay: David is doing well but also being careful to follow the doctor’s orders. He may get out Sunday if everything falls into place.
  • Also stopped by to see Mrs. Jewel Roberts who has not been out in 5 weeks but she may get to come Sunday weather permitting.
  • Folks, I had a great THANKSGIVING. I am thankful for a lot but at 1120 Ironman, Big Mama is the MVP. I didn’t mention that at church or with the family but we all depend on Big Mama and she does a terrific job taking care of the family. I am very blessed! All Bailey’s have sinned and come short of the perfection we see in Jesus but all things considered, I am very proud of my children and grand children. I hope you had a good day also.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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