Looking Forward

November 23, 2015



Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

~Psalms 30:5, NKJV


“We all need something in which to look forward.”



I was visiting the nursing home last Friday and I went into see Ginger Wood’s grand mother, Virginia Hill. She was so excited about Thanksgiving: she said, “We are going to have it at Linda’s and I can’t wait.” Mrs. Hill spends 363 days a year in the nursing home, getting out for a day is something in which she can look forward. We all need something in our future in which we can look forward with excitement and anticipation. Michael Smith of the Children’s Home told me last night,“The kids go to talking about coming to Danville for Thanksgiving in July.” The same is true with the girls from Milestone. An insider told me, “These girls were so excited about tonight.”

Driving home last night, I had a wave of thanksgiving come over me. I almost cried as I received a blessing from God simple because I was a tiny part of this wonderful event that brings joy to others. I am so thankful for a church family who loves to help others. We had more food than ever: our middle adults are stepping up to the plate. I feel extremely blessed. Maybe it’s because I am older, but I enjoyed last night more than anyone. I love LUKE 14.


  • I’ve hurt my back again and had to rest yesterday evening. LORD willing I will get back on the road today.
  • We had prospects in the service yesterday morning and again last night. David said, “Luke 14 is going to become as big of an outreach as the BLOCK PARTY.
  • If you want to sponsor one of the van kids for Christmas, see Mandy and she can give you the paper work. Four have been taken care of and I have one picked out which leaves only three.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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