November 20, 2015



God created everything through HIM, and nothing was created except through HIM.

~John 1:3, NLT


I would like evolution to join the roster of other discredited religions.

~Ann Coulter


The very same people who believe in evolution also believe in abortion, animal rights, gun control, gay marriage and the right to life for convicted murderers. They are anti-military, have no respect for the FOUNDING FATHERS and they hate authority, especially biblical authority and the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ.

I have to give the liberals credit for their tremendous faith, they believe in the illogical and the impossible. Actually their faith is not in question, it is the object of their faith. When you see a house, you know their was a builder. When you see a garden, you know there was a gardener. When you see a creation, you know there is a CREATOR. It’s not rocket science but if you are a Christ hating liberal, you are not going to except the truth no matter how obvious.

I could be happy in a world without liberals: I can’t think of anything they contribute, can you?


  • I stayed locked in my office yesterday to prepare for Sunday but I am going to try to make some visits today.
  • Fletcher Hill arrangement: Shelton’s Saturday at 2:00, visitation 12:00-2:00, burial at Johnson’s Chapel.
  • Workday is still on for Saturday: Meet at the church at 10:30. We will probably do one yard. College age going to Guatemala-you have to get two of these ministry projects under your belt. Joe David will not be able to help us but we will get Brian to take his place.
  • LUKE 14 this Sunday at 5:30. You bring 2 liter drinks, veggies, desserts, cakes, pies, sweets, desserts, Apple Dumplings and desserts. The church will provide turkey, chicken, dressing, tea, and rolls. 
  • We will have AWANA on Sunday nights November 29 and December 6–then Children’s Christmas Play on December 13 and our Christmas Supper on the 20th. All begin at 5:30 and no service on December 27th.
  • Joe David had 33 at the College Bible Study. WOW!
  • I’m going to try to load a must see video: these kids are so good it will bless Jason and Willard. I can’t get it to work but you can go to thisamazedme.com [two children singing YOU RAISE ME UP]

Gary, Keri and Kane


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