Ten Do Nots In Matthew Six

November 16, 2015



“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

~Matthew 6:34, NLT


God does not reveal His will to the curious and careless, but to those who are ready and willing to obey.

~Warren W. Wiersbe


I am a list maker and a note taker. As I read Matthew 6 yesterday morning, these DON’T of Jesus jumped out at me.

  1. Don’t do good deeds to be seen of men.
  2. Don’t call attention to your acts of charity.
  3. Don’t boast about what you give.
  4. Don’t pray insincerely or for show.
  5. Don’t babble, get to the point.
  6. Don’t act like a hypocrite.
  7. Don’t publicize your piety.
  8. Don’t store up earthly treasures.
  9. Don’t attempt to serve two masters.
  10. Don’t worry.


  • Another great Sunday–two great messages. Yesterday mornings sermon is the most relevant message I have heard on the condition of the modern church. You can hear the audio by going to danvillebaptist.org and clicking on the link that Catfish has set up–preachers, it will be worth your time to listen. We also give thanks for the one baptism and the one profession of faith. One per Sunday would give us 52 on the year: I’d take that in a heart beat.
  • Our new Media Pastor is doing a great job but he may have to take that turkey down. That is a delicious looking bird.
  • A call to prayer for Gary Garner…Gary had a rough week last week. Let’s all pray for Gary. Kane goes to Memphis on Wednesday.
  • I got to drive the van last night–Bill is at Disney World. I had 8 and all eight want to come to the Luke 14 banquet next Sunday night. We have a good time on the van. Jeremy and Dian get a little loud sometimes but they are always happy. Sissy asked Dian if she ate some chocolate at AWANA because she was bouncing off the walls in the van, she said yes. Don’t give Dian chocolate or caffeine–she doesn’t need it. I will need a reminder next Sunday evening and I will need reminding to take them home also.
  • The GOLDEN GIRLS and SENIOR ADULT Christmas Party is at Cracker Barrel on Saturday December 5th.   Let’s make it 9:00 am. Your meal is your Christmas Present. No fruit or cakes this year. My baker has retired. 
  • There is a station out of Birmingham that plays Christmas Music and has Delilah on at night. She was talking about the seven love languages last night. I don’t remember hearing all seven at one time. Her program is great listening around THANKSGIVING.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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