Flee As A Bird To The Mountain

November 3, 2015


In the LORD I take refuge; How can you say to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain.”

~Psalms 11:1, NASB


Running away from your problems is a race you’ll never win.



Every human is tempted to run away from their problems. It is a part of our survival instincts. Evidently, David had some folks advising him to flee. David said, “I take refuge in the LORD, how can you advise me to fly like a bird to the mountains?” Birds and animals have instincts that humans don’t have: they can sense danger when we don’t. They can sense Rayleigh waves or Infrasonic waves. These are impulses that humans do not hear or sense. When a bird senses danger, it moves to higher ground just as the animals did at Sri Lanka before the tsunami. If memory serves me correctly, 230,000 people died and no animals.

Obviously there are some dangers that we need to avoid but we must not get in the habit of evading our problems and responsibilities by running from them. In past years, preachers were the worse in the world at running from problems. I heard one preach confess, “When I hear a little criticism, I began looking for a new church.” Fleeing like a bird to the mountain can become a habit. If you don’t stop and take a stand, you will be running for the rest of your life.

I have discovered over the years that Jack is my biggest problem which means running is not going to help. Everywhere I go, Jack is there. So, look for a solution, not a way out.


  • As Joe David says, “One thing is certain, God is in control and we are not.” I will not lie, I was a little down and a whole lot tired after yesterday but the praise was fantastic last night. When you hear singing like that you know good things are going to happen and they did–three professions of faith. [Mattie, Miranda and Nicki] THANK YOU JESUS!
  • Tonight is STUDENT NIGHT and that is K-College. Pizza after the service. Sissy and Dian are excited about tonight and I think Milestone may come back. I could use some help on the van driving. Give me a call if you are available. No big deal, I enjoy doing it. Sissy and Dian were the only two we had last night but they were excited and that got me excited. Amazing how God uses children to help us adults.
  • I visited the hospitals yesterday: Fletcher Hill is not doing well. He is very sick. This is Karen’s dad–Leslie, John and Jarod’s granddad. Bill Wilbourn is not doing well either. Bill has been laying flat of his back for weeks and he is getting discouraged. Bill prayed to receive Christ some 10 years or so ago while he was in DGH. He is ready when the LORD calls. Pray for Bill. Marty Foreman’s mom has surgery yesterday. She came through fine, PTL. Amy Penney’s dad has surgery tomorrow.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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