Only God Is Truly Good

November 2, 2015



“Why do you call me good?” Jesus asked him. “Only God is truly good.
~Luke 18:19, NLT


I know two things: I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior.
~John Newton
The Rich Young Ruler came running up to Jesus and bowed before Him asking this question, “Good master, what must I do to inherit eternal life.” Jesus responded, “Why do you call me good, only God is truly good.” Unfortunately, the Rich Young Ruler failed to recognize the deity of Christ. His reference to Jesus as being good was correct but the young man had no idea that he was addressing God. He saw Jesus merely as a good or exceptional teacher. It is a common mistake made by the secular community: viewing Jesus as a good man, good teacher but not the Son of God. As C.S. Lewis said, “It is bad logic on the part of the world, Jesus is either who He said He was {God’s Son} or He is a lunatic and a liar.
  • Two very good services. David and team did very good on the praise and the girls hit it out of the park. If I had my way, they would sing once a week. Very good insights from God’s word delivered through Bro. Wade. I love his insight about Paul being unreachable. I think he is right on the money. No body in their right mind would witness to Saul of Tarsus. You would be lucky if he only had you arrested. The quote of the day was: “What we are at our base {lowest, weakest} moment, is what we are.”
  • PRAY for the service tonight. Plead with the Holy Spirit to stir us, break through the tinsel and pretense and give us a life changing REVIVAL. We don’t need a tune up folks, we need the overhaul. We don’t need more commitment, we need to surrender. Invite someone to the service tonight.
  • I saw a couple of great things last night: the nursery had some many, they had to move to the FORTE. I bet they had 20 in that 14X18 room. After the service, people were hanging around in groups talking. The only folks anxious to get home were Senior Adults and Nursery Workers.
Gary, Keri and Kane


arizona playerEl Mirage Dysart senior running back Pedro Banda, who leads Dysart in rushing. faces a one-game suspension ahead of Dysart’s first playoff game since 1994 after he was ejected from Friday night’s historic win over Glendale.

On one of the last drives of the game, I had scored a touchdown. After I had pointed to the sky and thanked God, the referees had thought that it was excessive celebration and they ejected me,” Banda said.

[There may be more to the story: I watch the video and it appears that this child is telling the truth. America should be outraged if this boy was suspended for acknowledging God and giving thanks. However, nothing surprises me these days.]


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