Follow The Cloud

October 28, 2015



Whenever the cloud lifted from over the sacred tent, the people of Israel would break camp and follow it. And wherever the cloud settled, the people of Israel would set up camp.

~Numbers 9:17, NLT


a cs lewis Gods presence


God is omnipresent, it is impossible for Him not to be present; as David said, wherever you go, He is there. But God knew that the Israelites were very immature in their faith so He gave them a manifestation of His glorious presence. This visible presence came in the form of a cloud, not just any cloud but the shekinah glory cloud. At night it was a fire cloud giving light and comfort to the timid Israelites; in the day it was a hovering cloud that gave them shelter from the heat. When the cloud lifted and moved, the Israelites broke camp and followed the Cloud.

God has given us a different kind of cloud; it is not visible nor external. It is invisible and internal. God has given us His Spirit to comfort and guide; to enlighten and to shelter. Revivals happens when we yield control of our lives to the Holy Spirit. Revivals are never flesh driven, they are always Spirit lead. Would you consider surrendering control of your life to the blessed Holy Spirit? Would you join me in praying this prayer by John W. Peterson:

Come Holy Spirit dark is the hour
We need Your filling
Your love and Your mighty power
Move now among us stir us we pray
Come Holy Spirit REVIVE the church today


  • Bill Wilbourn may be a bit better. K.T.’s dad, Fletcher is also in DGH with bleeding ulcers. He is weak but recovering. Pray for Diane Taylor, this is Shannon and Shane’s mom. It’s Courtney’s mother-in-law. She has COPD and congestive heart failure. I plan to get back to see her today. I was on a tight schedule yesterday and didn’t get to spend the time there that I should. Pray for God to use me to help.
  • LORD Willing I am talking my sweet granddaughter and some of her friends to the Volleyball championship today but I am coming back after the first set [3-5 games].
  • THE GATHERING TONIGHT at 6:30: let’s make it three in a row in triple digits.
  • I took Big Mama, Holly and Chloe on a ministry visit last night and they wanted to stop at CB. Men, you know that we are the last ones to know what is really going on. Mama’s and daughters keep secrets. Holly just happen to let a cat out of the bag last night. I wondered what happen to my white gold wedding band, Holly had it melded down for the cash. I said, “Do you want this one?” Pointing to the cheaper model on my finger, she said, “Nye, it’s not worth anything but I got a $150 bucks for the other one.” Poor old Jeremy, he took his off because it was getting too tight and she had Will melt it and converted to cash. Jeremy and I are upset. Our wedding bands had huge sentimental value: I can’t really put a price tag on mine. Big Mama was giving her the hush sign but Holly ran through the signs and spilled her guts. That kid tells everything and I can’t figure out who she takes that after.
  • I got home from the Funeral Home last night at 10:30. I didn’t go until 8:45 and still had to stand in line an hour and a half. Red Wallace got there earlier and stood in line until he got hungry. He got out of line to go get something to eat and when he got back the line was longer. He said, “I may have to leave and go get breakfast, if this line doesn’t start moving.”

Gary, Keri and Kane


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