A Definition of Insanity

October 20, 2015



And they began to pray him to depart out of their coasts. And when he was come into the ship, he that had been possessed with the devil prayed him that he might be with him.

~Mark 5:17-18, AV


In Gethsemane the holiest of all petitioners prayed three times that a certain cup might pass from Him. It did not.

~C.S. Lewis


I had not noticed until my bible study yesterday that there are three prayers in Mark 5:1-20. The first prayer is by the demons in verse 10, Then the evil spirits begged Jesus again and again not to send them to some distant place. The word ‘begged’ in NLT is besought in the AV. In the Greek it is parakaleō, to summons and is translated 10 times as pray or prayed in the AV.  So it is a prayer word. You will notice above the AV uses the word pray and prayed in verses 17 and 18. In each case it is the exact same word parakaleō. So what we have here is three prayers:

  1. The Demon’s prayer–Don’t send us to some distant place.
  2. The Gerasenes prayer–Go away and leave us alone.
  3. The Miracle Man’s prayer–Can I go with you?

What’s even more amazing is that Jesus heard and answered all three prayers. This is going to upset some part time theologians. Jesus said, “Yes” to the demons and the Gerasenes but “No” to the healed demoniac. Can you explain this? I sure am glad you can’t: I would hate to worship a God that would fit in your little box of brains.

I understand a little about the first prayer: the demon recognized Jesus, they knew He was the Son of God and they acknowledged His authority because they had no choice. The second prayer makes no sense at all: why would anyone pray such a foolish prayer–“Go away and leave us alone.” Jesus got in the boat and left and I don’t know that He ever came back. I do know that the Romans wiped the Gerasenes out when they invaded in the 1st century. I can’t see myself asking Jesus to go away and leave me alone. You talk about insanity, asking Jesus to go away and leave you alone is insane.

We all understand the third prayer: Jesus commissioned this New Creation: sane, clothed, and full of the Spirit to go back home and be a Missionary to his people. He obeyed and told everyone he saw about Jesus. I would be willing to bet my life that he lead some of the Gerasenes to faith in Christ. When Jesus says “No,” there is always a reason.


  • OK, the fellowship is on: Sunday night at 5:30–bring your favorite soup, chili or stew and we eat in the FORTE. Hayrides will begin around 6:15. Lance and I are doing the Puggles and Shohn and her workers will do the other children.
  • FRONT PEW SHOWER for MILESTONE MINISTRIES this Sunday Morning. The are in dire need of toilet tissue. Its 30 females living in one building, do I need to say more. Toilet paper, paper towels, hygiene items, anything you want to bring but especially toilet paper.
  • I meant to talk to you Sunday but I forgot. The Blackwood’s are basically be forced to retire and they do not have a car. A church is Birmingham is going to give them a place to live but we are going to give them a car LORD willing. We have just the man to help us and I’ve emailed Allison to see what kind of vehicle they want. Gregg will find it and finance it and all we have to do is make the payments and we can do that with one mission offering a month. If you have wanted to do more for an IMB agent, here is our opportunity. I am excited.
  • Bill Wilbourn’s surgery went well but he is not out of the woods by any stretch.
  • KANE BREAK: PTL, if nothing changes, coming home Friday. Colon is a little better. Kane starts chemo tonight. Thursday another sonogram and if all is not worse he will get Aro-c which is a treatment that takes all day. If all that happens we will be rolling into Danville as soon as we are packed. {Raise them up folks, let’s get them home for a break}

Gary, Keri and Kane


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