Going Overboard

October 14, 2015



So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus.

~Matthew 14:29


There can be no faith so feeble that Christ does not respond to it.

~Alexander MacLaren


Folks like Peter, the impetus types, are ridiculed for acting before thinking but Peter got a blessing which no other disciple received. He didn’t have perfect faith but he had enough to do something daring. It is true that Peter’s faith or lack thereof, let him down but think of all the right things he did.

  1. He asked for a miracle–“Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.” Galilean fishermen don’t walk on water, not naturally. Peter is asking Jesus to enable him to do something supernatural.
  2. He responded obediently to the word of Christ Yes, come,” Jesus said.
  3. He got out of the boatSo Peter went over the side of the boat. Peter left his comfort zone. 
  4. He moved toward JesusHe walked on the water toward Jesus. It is never a mistake to move toward Jesus.
  5. He walked on waterSo Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water. He may not have walked far, but he walked further than you and I.

Soul Search:

  1. Do you have the faith to ask Jesus for a miracle?
  2. Would you obey if Jesus commanded you to do something daring?
  3. Are you willing to leave your comfort zone?
  4. Are you moving toward Jesus or away from Jesus?
  5. Are you willing to put yourself in a position where you are totally dependent on Jesus?

Life is filled with storms. Jesus is in every storm. Look for Jesus in your storm and move toward HIM. Don’t be afraid to obey HIM, there is abundant blessing and glorious victory in doing as He commands.


  • I want to ask everyone to pray for Bill Wilbourn, this is Debbie Gilliland’s brother, also Charlie’s brother. He is in stable but serious condition at DGH. When I left last night, he was still in ER but they were waiting on a bed in ICU. All his vitals were stable but he was in great discomfort. They were putting him on a bigger bed when I left.
  • Kane Update: Got new meds for kidney hypertension caused by all the trauma in his gut. It should lower the blood pressure. If it does we are Danville bound this weekend.
  • If everything checked out yesterday, Gary Garner was to have his second chemo treatment today.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS this Saturday morning at 9:30–CB in Hartselle. We will plan our November meeting which will be at Lisa’s house.
  • THE GATHERING tonight at 6:30. I am thrilled with way you have adjusted to the PM services. We are having better attendance on Sunday night and Wednesday night.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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