Jesus Is Coming: It May Be Soon

September 29, 2015



For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other, so it will be on the day when the Son of Man comes.

~Luke 17:24, NLT


“When Christ comes again — as he repeatedly promised to do — he will come through the heavens with glory and power, accompanied by a host of angels. All the earth will see His coming, and even His enemies will realize they have been opposing the Son of God.

~Billy Graham


I agree with Dr. Graham, I believe everyone will recognize Jesus as the Son of God at His coming, even His enemies. When is Jesus coming back to earth? I don’t know. I think it could be soon; I certainly think it could be within the century. Jesus said the Son of Man’s return will be like in Noah’s day. People were enjoying parties, banquets and wedding right up till the day it began to rain. The same is true with Sodom, people went about their daily business–eating, drinking, buying, selling, farming and building then suddenly one morning the fire and brimstone rained down from heaven and no one escaped. Like the flood, it caught them by surprise: no one was expecting it. No TV evangelist had warned them of the date and time.

God is infinitely creative and there is no way He will allow some crack pot preacher to paint Him into a corner. Prophecy is an enthralling subject and it captures the imagination of all the fish and hushpuppy followers but a mature believer should be prepared at any time. We have too many folks sitting on roof tops looking for signs. We have work to do. When He returns, we want to be working, not watching and waiting.


  • Good visit with Gary late yesterday evening. He is making progress every day. He told me he could not wait to get back to church.
  • KANE UPDATE: We are back in the hospital. The Colitis from the pancreatitis caused by the chemo to cure the cancer, is not responding to the present antibiotics. We are on stronger Antibiotics with no food or drink until it is better. The nurses here are like family and we feel the prayers. It is exhausting being in the hospital. But it is comforting knowing Kane is winning the battle. This is just a flesh wound but don’t tell Kane: he is in a good deal of pain and too stubborn to take pain Meds. We packed for a long stay but pray for a short one.
  • I love these nice temps but I sure would like to have some rain. I am not complaining, just wishing out loud.
  • Can you believe that High School football is to the half way point [last Friday]. I knew this fall would fly.
  • We are going to serve communion this Sunday morning in the 10:15 worship celebration.
  • Don’t forget our COOKOUT coming October 25 and then TRUNK-A-TREAT that following Saturday night.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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