Digging Up Bones

September 24, 2015



A worthless man digs up evil, while his words are like scorching fire.

~Proverbs 16:27, NASB


Three things you can’t take back: a spent arrow, a spoken word and a lost opportunity.

~William Barclay


Have you ever tried to stomp out a rumor? It is like fighting a fire that is burning out of control. When I came across the above verse in one of Barclay’s commentary; I immediately thought of two things–Junior Hill’s story of his old hound and the Randy Travis songI’m diggin’ up bones, I’m diggin’ up bones; Exhuming things that’s better left alone.  I’m resurrecting memories of a love that’s dead and gone, yeah tonight I’m sittin’ alone diggin’ up bones.

Somebody gave Junior a mess of catfish. After cleaning them, he buried the heads, bones and guts in the back yard. A couple of weeks later he said, “Carol, what’s that I smell? I think it’s coming from the back yard.” So Junior goes out to investigate and his old hound had dug up all the remains of the fish and they stunk to high heaven. Junior reburied them, this time deeper but the old hound dug them up again. This happened three times before Junior did something else with the bones.

Joe David and I went to a visitation and you know how bad I am with names. Everyone there seemed to know who I was because they had been to DBC one or more times. I start asking too many questions: is this your mama, who’s your daddy, that kind of thing. Over 50% of our young people come from a situation where mom and dad are no longer together. I just had to ask one too many questions. As Randy says, “Some things are better left alone.” The family was very understanding, thank goodness.


  • Gary Garner did not get to move to Health South yesterday, maybe today.
  • Kelvin Callahan came home.
  • Kane Hogan Update: Kane has been roaming the halls signing Sports Illustrated magazines from all the pretty nurses. He has ate a little more today. He is definitely stronger. With his counts climbing they think we will be at Ronald McDonald housing by Friday. We will probably stay in Memphis until they get his Treatment plan back on track. The doctors have eliminated the PEG from his treatment plan it is responsible for the pancreas and blood clots. {Michelle}
  • I forgot about SEE YOU AT THE POLE but my good friend Joey Coots had it covered. I went to the hospital at 7:00 which is early for me these days.
  • My uncle Floyd Bailey is not doing well, I may be heading for Rome Friday.
  • We are helping feed the Jolly Family Friday. They will be eating at Cedar Plains Christian Church. Our only responsibility is desserts. Just get them to Jennifer Garner by noon Friday.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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