Trivial Pursuits

September 18, 2015



Run from anything that stimulates youthful lusts. Instead, pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace.

~2 Timothy 2:22, NLT


Most people would prefer a change of circumstances rather than a change of heart.

~Warren W. Wiersbe


We are all in pursuit of something and it has to do with our core values. What do you value most? What is your highest priority? Is it financial security, a nice home, a condo on the beach, comfort, a cabin on the lake, a new husband, season tickets to Auburn games or perhaps some other form of entertainment. Americans have sold their soul for entertainment; we are going to entertain ourselves all the way to hell. The curse of worldly pursuits is that you might get them.

Paul said, “Pursue righteousness, faithfulness, love and peace.” We need to set our affections on things above and not on things here on earth. Instead of craving better circumstances: more income, a better job, more comfortable living conditions–why don’t we crave a change of heart. Oh that this very day, Christians everywhere would repent of their worldly pursuits and seek righteousness, faithfulness, love, peace and REVIVAL.


  • Jay set us up on WORD PRESS several years ago because it is simple and FREE. The only problem with FREE is they [WORD PRESS] wants you to get hooked and then buy the real thing. The FREE stuff is full of glitches and the more you use it, the harder they make it on you. Each night I set my font color on black and it changes back to gray. Sometimes I spent 20 minutes trying to get it right and last night I just gave up. So I am going to try blue. I don’t really like it but hopefully I can tell if they change it before I post.
  • We are still needing prayer for Gary, Kane, John, Mavis and Keri. Gary is discouraged; Kane slightly better; John came home but still has some recovering to do; Mavis was dehydrated and has UTI. She will probably come home today. Also, add Allison Blackwood to your prayer list.
  • Full slate this SUNDAY: Deacons at 8:15, Coffee, donuts and biscuits at 9:00, LCBS at 9:15, Worship Celebration at 10:15, Visitation and AWANA at 5:30 and evening worship at 6:15.
  • Yesterday was an unusual day, I have had a lot of them this week. On my way to DGH I was praying, I said, “LORD my heart feels like glass, I don’t seem to hear You whisper like I once did; is it me? Am I not listening?” Then I had to apologize immediately, the LORD has spoken to me clearly several times this week in my BIBLE STUDY. On my way in to ICU, just a few steps from the door I hear a voice coming out of nowhere, “Who made the trees?” Then I hear the innocent voice of a little child say, “Godddd.” “And who loves you?” said his mom, the same little voice said, “Jesus.”  I did not touch my phone, it was in my pocket. I don’t know what I did, but it was the video Allison sent me. My phone is so smart, it knows when I need encouraging.
  • June is a nervous wreck, she is afraid that Patton is going to get hurt, maybe paralyzed. She loves to watch him play but tonight it has been painful. He makes good reads but there is no zip on the ball. He has no feeling in his throwing hand.
  • COLLEGE BIBLE STUDY REPORT: 29 in attendance, PTL.

Gary, Keri and Kane

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