Compassionate Truth

September 8, 2015

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But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness.

~Romans 1:18, NLT


Homosexual acts are expressly forbidden by God through His word, and such acts are an abomination to the LORD by His own declaration.

~Al Mohler

my thoughts red

Our culture, especially TV and the media, is bombarding this country with propaganda suggesting that homosexuality is normal and should therefore be acceptable. We were watching LAW and ORDER last Sunday evening and the entire program was about homophobic people and how we should be treated as criminals. Can you believe it; they are making the homophobe the bad guy–Hogwash, this country has gone nuts. Al Mohler [President of Southern Seminary] names three approaches which the left is employing to change the mindset of America.

  1. Out right rejection of the bible as the authoritative word of God. We must abandon the bible all together in light of modern “knowledge.” [scripture is antiquated]
  2. Scripture is written by human authors who were flawed: Paul was a male chauvinist and a homophobe. The passage in Romans is merely his opinion.
  3. The homosexuality condemned in the bible is not between consenting adults. It is referring to pedophilia and those sorts of things.

So much for the views of the left: What about Mohler’s thoughts on what is happening to our culture.

  1. Homosexual acts are a dramatic sign of rebellion against God’s purpose and intention. God created male and female for a purpose, to fill the earth, to multiply and be fruitful. This is impossible for homosexuals.
  2. Homosexuality is the first sign of God’s turning us over to our desires which brings it’s own judgment. Nothing is more destructive to society than homosexuality.
  3. Homosexuality is a grievous sin against God [goes counter to His purpose] and we as Christians have the task of telling the truth with compassion. [You can read Mohler’s entire article in September’s DECISION magazine]

extra 2

  • Gary Garner still showing improvement. Our last report was around 8 and his oxygen level was good.
  • Kane had a bad weekend; blood sugar got over 1000 Sunday night, they got it down to 300 but pancreas functions are not right. They are transporting him back to St. Judes. He is in good spirit but very weak.
  • Remember Mandy is on vacation and there is no phone in my office…if you need me, call my cell. If it is not urgent, leave a message on the phone. Shohn will check them daily.
  • I will be at Belleview Baptist Church, not in Memphis, this week in REVIVAL [Sept. 13-16]
  • Our REVIVAL in November 1-4 which is not that far away. Wade Morris will be our preacher.
  • No Deacons Meeting this Sunday.
  • The GATHERING tomorrow night at 6:30. Let’s break that 100 mark!

Gary, Keri and Kane


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