A Protracted Meeting

September 3, 2015


So Paul left the synagogue and took the believers with him. Then he held daily discussions at the lecture hall of Tyrannus.

~Acts 19:9, NLT


The reason we don’t have REVIVAL is that we are willing to live without it.

~Leonard Ravenhill


A protracted meeting is one lasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual. Paul preached in the lecture hall of Tyrannus daily for two years.  If my math is correct, we are talking about 730 straight days of preaching for Paul. The meeting went on until people all over Asia heard the word of God.

In my 66 years, I remember one revival that was extended. A century ago, it was not uncommon to have a protracted meeting but now a days, we do good to get people to commit to four days. I can’t think of anything we need more than REVIVAL. We need a moving of the [רוּחַ ruwach] Spirit. Ruwach is the Hebrew word for spirit but it also means wind. The wind is a powerful force when it’s moving. The wind can shake trees and buildings. We need a moving of the ruwach; a deep stirring, a phenomenal shaking, a rearranging of priorities and values.


Send a revival, O Christ, my Lord,
Let it go over the land and sea.
Send it according to Thy dear Word,
And let it begin in me.


  • I can’t get my media to load. Word press is a free service but they put glitches in from time to time, trying to get you to buy.
  • I think the strippers are coming today: hope so any way. The pavement looks great and we got a better deal than expected. We have a thicker surface than we contracted for. It was the contractors error. We are also have to install a new A/C unit today [Bathroom, Senior Adult Ladies side]. Thank God for Doc and Clara Martin. They are paying for it!
  • We had a crowd for the GATHERING but we did not break the 100 mark. For the second week in a row we were in the 90’s but flip-flopping the PM service has not hurt our attendance, it has helped it.
  • Light Schedule Sunday: No Deacons Meeting, LCBS at 9:15 and worship at 10:15 with no pm services.



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