Hallelujah, Right? Not For Some!

August 27, 2015

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But when Peter arrived back in Jerusalem, the Jewish believers criticized him.

~Acts 11:2, NLT


Criticism is something we can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing.


my thoughts red

Can you imagine going out on Church Visitation and finding an entire household waiting to hear the gospel. They actually ask you to share the gospel which you do and the Holy Spirit falls and the entire house hold accepts Jesus as Savior and Lord. I have had the opportunity to present to households a couple of times but never have I had the response that Peter had when he shared the gospel with Cornelius and family. If one of our teams came back on Sunday night and said, “Bro. Jack, we just lead a guy named Cornelius to faith in Christ, he and all his family are coming for baptism next week.” Bro. Jack is going to shout hallelujah, Praise The LORD. This is the guy who paid for an entire building by himself before he was saved. He was a generous man. Yes, I am going to be thrilled.

What happened when Peter and his team of six got back to First Jerusalem from visitation with this glowing report. They were upset; “What do you mean going into the house of a Gentile and the audacity of you sharing a meal with these unclean, uncircumcised heathens.” Instead of shouting they were pouting. Instead of celebrating, they were criticizing.  Examine the substance to their criticism. Was their criticism not petty and trite. It is easier to go to church than to be the Church.

I remember a little league game that took place 32 years ago. The head coach had to work and that left me in charge: I made a few adjustments. We were playing CU [Cato University]. They had beaten us earlier in the season 17-0. I started the best athlete on our team at pitcher. He didn’t have great control but he had a wicked fastball. We lost 2-0 but to me it was a moral victory because the game went the full six innings instead of ending in three and we had a chance to win. They didn’t hit our kid, he walked two our three and hit two or three.

You know me, if you look up vanity in the dictionary, my picture should be there. I am thinking, “The parent’s are going to demand that I become the head coach because of my brilliant coaching decisions.” The Parents were lined up but not to congratulate me or promote me; they were as mad as an old sitting hen [they were hens] because I had put their child in a new position or a different place in the batting order. That’s the night I decided mothers don’t need to go to the games.

Long story short: Aristotle is right on the money.

extra 2

  • Saw Gary early yesterday morning and he was feeling better: hopefully, he gets his first treatment today. Betty had her PET Scan yesterday and they are supposed to get results today. Tacey’s mom [Elnora Morris] is in DGH and Preston Grammer is also there.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS this Saturday at 9:00 at Cracker Barrel.
  • Needs for FRIDAY BACKPACK PROGRAM: Poptarts, Peanut butter crackers, canned food [Ravioli, Chili, spaghettios], Caprisuns, Fruit Snacks, Applesauce, Granola Bars, Fun sized candy bars.
  • I want to thank the YOUTH for finishing up our BP clean up last night and the CHOIR for hosting a party in honor of David. They had a good turnout and will be working on Christmas music on Wednesday nights. We need a few more men.
  • Commissioner Vest sang at Jody Brown’s COLS yesterday. He has a beautiful baritone voice. He, Chanda and Will are going to sing for us soon, I hope. Mark Lowery’s DANCE, DANCE would be a good one for them to open with.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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