My Cup Overflows

August 17, 2015


You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.

~ Psalm 23:5, NRSV


“Life is much brighter when we focus on what is truly important.”

~Anonymous [Image Quotes]

my thoughts red

I try not to take liberties when it comes to sharing personal things: not many people are interested in your personal life but I feel very blessed and honored. I know Bro. Tim had a lot to do with it, but I was ask to preach at the 100th anniversary of my home church. First of all, the place was packed; Tim must not have told them that I was coming. Secondly, the congregational singing was off the charts. Bro. Tim told me, “Man, we are celebrating 100 years, don’t get in a hurry, give us the full load, don’t worry about time.”

You know that I rarely preach over 30 minutes unless I am in revival but something happened yesterday that doesn’t usually happen when I am away from home: I got totally relaxed and I lost all conscientious of time. The invitation wasn’t that long: I think we did five verses and Bro. Tim closed the service without extending the invitation which he usually does. I finally looked at my watch and it was almost 12:30. I almost had a heart attack. June walked up and I asked her how long I was up there and she said fifty minutes. I was so upset I couldn’t eat. I talked about it so much when we got in the car that June finally said, “It’s over, I think they enjoyed it, stop worrying about it.” Which interpreted means, “Shut up, I am sick of hearing you whine.”

I will say this: I had a great time and I got to see a lot of old friends. I want to thank Bro. Tim who is half way to the Grand Canyon by now and Sardis Springs for inviting us. It is probably the greatest honor of my entire life. I felt very blessed: my cup runs over.

extra 2

  • I am assuming everything went well at DBC. I didn’t really get a chance to talk to anyone last night: the little 14 inch grill kept me occupied. I thought we had a great turnout.
  • Adam Glenn won the Deacon High Dive contest. Jerry Segars came in second. Gregg Holladay won the slid contest. He sat a new record. David Wood never got out of his street clothes. Mrs. Ginger gave him his walking orders before he left home and he was a perfect gentlemen, well almost perfect. Hey, we know who runs that house.  Sissy had to dive in and save little Bass. Thank you Sissy: I need Braden, he is one of my main encouragers.
  • Today is a HOLIDAY. It’s called BLOCK PARTY RECOVERY DAY. Lord willing, I will be returning some things but no office hours.
  • The Swim Party kicked off our new AWANA year which means a lot of things are about to change. AWANA will meet on Sunday night from 5:30-7:00. Sunday night worship will be at 6:15 and we will be having visitation at 5:30. Wednesday night will change slightly: We GATHER at 6:30 and have 15 minutes of praise and worship and then we break out into groups: Children, Youth, Choir and Bible Study.
  • Next Sunday is a rare occasion: we are having one offering. Everything goes toward the paving of the parking lot and our goal is $30,000. June and I are asking the LORD to help us do three parking spots. We’ve had some people do some incredible giving this year but on this offering I want everyone to do their part. Together, we can get her done.
  • We have discussed moving TRUNK-A-TREAT to another night other than the 31st but our decision is to stay with the 31st. We will start at 5:00 when it is on the weekend like it is this year. We do understand that those who live in subdivisions want to participate in their block parties. I think it is a good idea to can get to know your neighbors through such activities but the church provides the same atmosphere for those of us who live in the county. We aren’t asking anyone to do both; just do the one that suits you most. I am not going to be upset with anyone who stays in their community: matter of fact, I encourage it.
  • For Block Party Pic and Video…go to Brian Catfish McCollum’s FaceBook page.
Dian's Team did GREAT!

Dian’s Team did GREAT!


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