Praise The LORD

August 16, 2015

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


Let all that I am praise the LORD; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name.

~Psalm 103:1, NLT


“All is well that ends well.”

~William Shakespeare


I got home in record time last night, slightly before 10:00 pm which is a record for me. I was tired but also very thankful. We knew it would rain, we didn’t know when or how much but all is well that ends well. There was so much moisture in the air that we couldn’t get our sound system up and running but we improvised and I think our portable systems did an adequate job. Dale put on a fantastic show and the gospel was shared. Ronald Asherbranner and family did a great job on the fireworks. Our folks at the gates counted 1,116 which is great considering the weather. When you add our workers, it was close to 1,300. Everyone did great. You cannot imagine how proud I am of you all.

Every year we have some BP stories: this year a woman came up to Mike and told him she had lost her children. Mike called Shannon over and they got a description of the children. Shannon said, “I’ll go this way, Mike you go that way,” and before he could instruct the woman, she said, “I’m going to sit here under this tree.” She was really worried about those kids, not! 

Last year Whitney was waiting on a man under the pavilion and he kept trying to pay for his food. She said, “Everything is free, there is no charge.” He said, “You aren’t going to make any profit doing business like this! She said, “It is not a business, it is a ministry.” He said, “This must be a church or something.” It’s like yeah, did you not notice the steeple or the sign out front or the scripture on the back of my shirt. There is a moral to this story: things that are obvious to us are not so obvious to the world. They are not paying attention to our signs or steeples.


  • A big thank you to Chris Taylor and the FRIENDSHIP Family.
  • A big thank you to Anna Franklin, the Deputies, and the Work Release group. They are fantastic.
  • A big thanks to Milestone Ministries for their help.
  • Todays schedule: LCBS at 9:15 and worship at 10:15. No deacons meeting but I will have you some donuts and biscuits. Two offering today: the ministry offering and a love offering for Bryan and Carla.
  • Next Sunday [August 23] there is only one offering: everything goes toward the paving of the parking lot.

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