You Can Make Someone’s Day

August 7, 2015

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Dear brothers and sisters I close my letter with these last words: Be joyful. Grow to maturity. Encourage each other. Live in harmony and peace. Then the God of love and peace will be with you.
~2 Corinthians 13:11, NLT


Encouragement really does make a difference.
~Zig Ziggler
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carrie 008Do you agree with Zig? I do, I think he is right on the money. As a young man [teenager] I lacked confidence but my mother believed in me. It seemed that when no one else did, she was firm in her confidence that I would amount to something someday. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what I’d be today without the positive influence of my mother. She was not the only one, others came along side her in time and I needed everyone of them. We all need encouragement. Some of us are so proud that we pretend to be islands standing alone without any need of anyone but it’s an act: we all need encouragement. We need each other.
As I said in yesterdays blog, this has been one of the most unusual weeks of my life. After the events of Sunday through Wednesday, I did not think it was possible for it me to be shocked again but I was wrong. Jesus is always in our storm. We just need to seek Him with all our heart. I met Ralph and Mary Alice Nelson probably a decade ago. I got to know them by visiting Jane Fields their daughter. It was a difficult time for Sandy, Caleb, Ralph, Mary Alice and June [Jane’s sister]. Somehow the sorrow welded a friendship that I do not think can be broken. I saw Ralph, Mary Alice and June the other day at Sandy’s retirement party and I merely spoke to them and had a brief conversation. No miracles, no profound words, just cordial conversation and then this week, in the middle of the storm, I got a card from Mary Alice. I don’t usually do this and I will probably regret it tomorrow but this is what the card said:
No wonder there’s such warmth behind the thanks this brings your way–
Your thoughtfulness brought so much joy, it really made my day.
THANKS! You made my day.
Of course there were personal comments that I cannot share: the card was brimming with encouragement. Perhaps you could make someone’s day. I bet you could if you really tried. I know I would like to make someone feel better about themselves today; what about you?
Honestly, do I have such charm as to make a person’s day? Probably not: Mary Alice Nelson is one of the sweetest souls on this earth. She is kind to everyone. She did make my day! After I finished the blog.
  • I think we got the last detail worked out today for the Block Party: one last offering this Sunday and we need a good one. We have several special offering coming up in August and then in September we focus on Guatemala. I want the YOUTH who went on the Mission Trip to prepare one minute promo’s for the offerings beginning September 6. The August 16th offering will go to Bryan Drake who is helping us with the Block Party, the 23rd will go to the Parking Lot and the 30th to AWANA.
  • Please hold off on bringing things for the GRACE BARN, all this stuff you are piling in the bus barn will have to be moved. Just one more week. You can do it and it will help us out.
  • PRAISE THE LORD: I did have a great day yesterday in spite of some disappointment. What about that rain? I drove to Decatur in the rain {Alabama Mail} and got to eat at my favorite Cajun Restaurant {Popeye’s}. When I bit into that honey biscuit, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The folks at AL mail have a little Pentecostal dog that danced for me and it claps its paws when they tell it to praise Jesus. I can,t get it loaded to Twitter but I will try to put it on FaceBook. Plus, I knew before I left that Joe David, Lori and team were home safe and sound. How can God be so good!
House In Memory of Dana Segars

House In Memory of Dana Segars


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