Remembering The Days of Old

August 6, 2015

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I remember the days of old. I ponder all your great works and think about what you have done.

~Psalm 143:5, NLT


Todays little moments become tomorrows precious memories.


my thoughts red

It has been an unusual week: I have listened to a broken hearted man who’s dreams have been shattered. I have prayed with a dear friend in agonizing pain. I have stood at the grave side with broken hearted young parents grieving the mysterious passing of a beautiful young daughter but in the midst of the pain and heartbreak, I also had a wonderful phone call from a beautiful young lady in L.A. Isn’t it amazing how sensitive God is to our needs.

A few years ago she called and asked me to council with she and her intended. It was an unusual situation. She had asked another minister to perform the wedding ceremony but she wanted me to do the pre-marital counseling so I meet them at a fancy restaurant in Falkville, I think they call it McDonalds. In the session, I asked the young man about his relationship with Christ and I think he was a bit stunned. He was not raised Baptist and I was being rather direct and using Baptist terminology. Thank the LORD Jesus he was not offended. Our conversation aggravated his mind and he began to give his eternal destiny serious thought. Long story short, God continued to work in his life and he was saved a few weeks later. Now he and his sweet wife attend worship together and are happy in Christ.

Here is the point: I had forgotten all about it and she had to jog my memory. I probably thanked her a dozen times for reminding me. If you are hurting today, I pray that God will use someone to cheer you up. Perhaps there is someone you need to appreciate: call them, send them an encouraging text or card. Who knows, you may make their day. This reminds me of a card I got this week. I will share it tomorrow, LORD willing.


  • Our first priority is to get our family back together: I hope by the time you read this our YOUTH TEAM will be home from Guatemala. They are scheduled to get in early this morning. [August 6]
  • Things keep falling into place on the BLOCK PARTY. It has actually been amazing how things have worked out. This is easy for me to say because someone else does most of the work.
  • This time last week I was on board a ship in the frigid waters of the inside passage and it was the first day that the temperature reached 70 degrees. I do miss the Alaska weather. It is a great place to spend the summer which is what a lot of folks do. Almost all of the shop clerks told us that they go South for winter.
  • Due to a lot of things: we have rescheduled our GOLDEN GIRLS get together for August 29 and there will be no Senior Adult fellowship in August. Matter of fact, we may save our money and just have a Christmas Party at Cracker Barrel. I will run that by my A/A [Administrative Assistant] and if she doesn’t shoot it down: it is a go.
  • Don’t get your hopes up BUT there is a slight possibility that we can get the paving done before the BLOCK PARTY. I’ll know more when David tells me more. It could be later today or tomorrow.
  • John Wydner may come home Friday. Man, I miss John: he is a worship leader and we also have missed our band. Sir Lance A lot has done great on the drums. The boy has musical talent: he gets it from the Carroll’s. His granny is a Carroll from Limestone County. Everyone things she is from Neel but she is from Sardis Springs.
  • We have some unhappy grandchildren: they are not ready to go back to school.
  • Joe David sent me the pic below today: it moves me. I miss Kenny and I honor his name and his memory.

kenny in house


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