Day Three Update

July 23, 2015

We have spent the day in Denali National Park and I took the school bus tour [9 hours] on a gravel road. I saw six Grizzles, a half a dozen Caribou, five sheep and 2.5 million spruce trees. June made the second smartest decision she ever made in staying at the Inn. Mr. Burton had a hard time: it is a rough trip. I will be retiring shortly because we leave at 7:00 in the morning going South to Seward where we will board a cruise ship. Mrs. June is excited about the ship. It will be a long bus trip with a stop for lunch in Anchorage which is by far the most modern city. They have a McDonalds. We are up country, only 40 miles from fairbank. That is a 3 hour bus trip and 2 hour Dog Sled [when there is snow]. We are having a good time but anxious to get on the ship. Right now, we are smack dab in the middle of a wilderness with no Kroger in sight. By the way, a gator aid is $4, a small bag of chips $3 but they do have diet coke which I am not supposed to drink but I’m going to have a night cap tonight. This may be my last communication via the blog. There are a lot of liberals in Alaska. They think the ice age created these mountains and our guide today said, we are no different from the dogs and the bears. I was nice, I held my tongue. I’ve seen one church and it was a Baptist. Have a great day and we will check in when we can. Thank you DBC for the trip: You are the best. I am trying to be a good steward of your sacrifice so that I can give a good report when we get home. I did not spell check this, I am tired, do the best you can. The road in the picture is the one I traveled today, 90 miles of gravel or white dust. They have a lot of dust. That is McKinley in the background: it is an awesome mountain. One in every thousand who try to climb it die trying. By the way, it takes 35 acres to sustain on Grizzley. The graze like a cow, eat grass, bushes and berries. They have to eat constantly to survive. They eat all summer and sleep all winter.



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