Two Kinds of Grace

June 27, 2015

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For He {the Heavenly Father} gives His sunlight to both the evil and the good, and He sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.

~Matthew 5:45, NLT


Acknowledging God as a benevolent Creator and Care Giver is not enough: we must repent of our sin and turn to Christ as the only means of salvation.


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Mrs. Whitt, my high school Algebra teacher, was a legalist. I could arrive at the right answer but I did not use her formula, I created my own. Guess what? That heifer gave me an F; can you believe it? I had never made an F in my life and she had the audacity to give me a failing grade. Why did I not take her instruction and do it her way? Chalk it up to stubborn pride and stupidity. When I took algebra in college, I sat on the front row and listened. If the teacher said something I did not understand, I stayed after class and he worked with me until I did understand. I didn’t make an A+ I am sure but I made a good grade and I was mystified as to how I could have failed in High School.

Life is like Mrs. Whitt’s algebra class, we may have the right answer but we will not go to heaven unless we use God’s formula. God’s goodness is meant to lead us to repentance not pride. I have had a number of people tell me, “Preacher, don’t worry about me, I am OK. I talk to the good LORD everyday and He has blessed me.” He has blessed everyone: I call it universal grace but Salvation comes through particular or saving grace. He blessed Anheuser Busch, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner but that doesn’t mean they are saved and going to heaven. It is not enough to acknowledge His goodness, we have to acknowledge our badness. According to Jesus, no one goes to heaven without repenting.


  • I was coming back from Decatur yesterday evening and it was raining so hard that I had to slow down to 20 MPH. It was still raining when I got to Oak Ridge and raining some at Rock Springs but at the house we got a dust settler which is better than nothing. They say our chances are better today.
  • Normal schedule tomorrow: Deacon’s Meeting at 8:15, LCBS at 9:15 and worship at 10:15 and 6:00. Joe David is preaching Sunday morning and I am preaching Sunday night [Lord willing].
  • Preston got moved to Princeston Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham: Milford Fields {Don’s brother} is in the same hospital. Joe David did the B’ham visitation yesterday and they were still running test on Gary Garner; still no conclusive diagnosis. Milford’s intestines have to woke up from the surgery but he’s making progress. Carman may have been a little better but he is awfully weak. Emogene goes everyday and stays all day long. I know she is tired.
  • Man has figured out a way to pervert the rainbow–wow. They took something beautiful and twisted it into something gross. Word Press has put one across the top of my work page and I don’t like it.

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