Abide In My Love

June 3, 2015

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Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love.

~John 15:9, NASB


Like bread, relationships can grow stale and crusty with time.

~Bill Mandrell

my thoughts red

Ben Mandrell is a NAMB church planter and is presently in Denver, Colorado. He is a very bright young man but he is wrong about one thing: Ben said in our April 26 lesson, “Nobody like the ends of the bread loaf.” Guess what, I love them but June will not let me eat them first. Her theory is that they keep the pieces in the middle fresher.

Do you have any relationships that need to be freshened? Have some of your relationships grown old, stale and crusty. If you do not work to keep them fresh, they will naturally grow stale with time. How many senior adult couples do you know that hold hands? The James sisters can spot a second marriage. When they see a senior adult couple that is all lovey-dovey, they say, This is not his first wife.” Guess what, 99% of the time, the James sisters are right. The key to relationships is to stay in love and we begin with Jesus.

state wide rally

extra 2

  • I carried the old LCBS literature to Trinity yesterday {James Kyle and Peggy did this for years} and when I got to the loading dock, the worker said, “What church?” I said, “Danville Baptist.” He said is Jack Bailey still the pastor? I said, “Yes, but he is getting old. We tried to run him off three times but he want leave.” He said, “He is a strong man.” I should have said, “Yes he is, but odor isn’t everything.” I drove off smiling: I really enjoy getting people in that position. I sure wish he had said, “Big and strong.” I could have said, “Yes, he is a giant of a man.”
  • I will be in Birmingham today but hopefully back to church for the VBS rally. We are going to give all the workers their shirts but you have to order no later than 8:00 pm tonight. If you order later, you have to pay, plus you may not get your shirt in time for VBS. Tonight only, kids shirts are free but you have to be present and you have to give them your sizes. Workers you have to give them your size. No extra shirts will be ordered. If you registered your child last Sunday, you get the free T-Shirt. If you have already paid, we can give you a contribution credit or we can reimburse but these girls are going to kill me for making this last minute change.
  • Congratulations to Haley and Kevin Clark on the birth of their son Shane Davis Clark.
  • Mary Katherine is having surgery in Birmingham today. This is Tracey Gillies daughter and Jerry and Sheila’s granddaughter.
  • I got a report from Tracey Callahan last night: Murphy’s law has  been in effect for them. Practically everything that could go wrong has. They had to stay an extra night and lost their motel room because it was previously booked. Pray for something good to happen and for their safe return. Pray for Kerri, Mary Katherine and Kane, now. Stop and whisper a prayer in their behalf. I would appreciate it and I know they would.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS Saturday morning at CB, 9:30 am.
  • Got a good report from the YOUTH. They are staying busy. They worked at the Baptist Children’s Home in Mobile yesterday. They also did yard work for some Senior Adults. They will come home FRIDAY.
  • We will have the van if we need it Saturday. So far we have four men going to Montgomery. We need at least four more. Come on men, don’t be intimidated. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Twenty-five years ago, we rented a bus and filled it up for a pro-life rally and now we can’t fill a van.



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