May 23, 2015

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God’s way is perfect. All the LORD‘s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.”

~2 Samuel 22:31, NLT


The difference between God and a politician is that God keeps His promises.


my thoughts red

Not only do most politicians not keep their promises, they have no affinity for Jesus Christ. The great majority of our founding fathers knew God and they knew His Son Jesus Christ. Actually there are many differences between God and politicians: God is God forever; there will be no elections. No one preceded Him and no one will succeed Him. God does not respond to opinion polls: Our God is in heaven and He does what He wishes [Psalm 115:3]. The LORD does whatever pleases Him throughout all heaven and earth [Psalm 135:6]. With politician’s, there is not a lot you can count on but with God you can count on Him to fulfill all His purposes and keep all His promises.

state wide rally



extra 2

  • The schedule for tomorrow will be light due to the Holiday weekend. We will have you some donuts and biscuits and we will have LIFE CHANGING BIBLE STUDY but no Deacon’s meeting or PM service. We are planning a patriotic service for Sunday morning. We have video that is very good and Wendy Greenhaw is coming to sing the National Anthem and our special music. We’ll call it our MEMORIAL DAY EVE worship celebration.
  • It is not too late to send me pictures of your family members who served in the armed forces. We probably added a dozen yesterday. It takes only seconds if you email me the pic and give me the info…Branch of service, rank, overseas tours if any, etc. WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Name Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
  • I visited JW and Sandra Blackwood yesterday. Sandra cancer has gotten into the bone. Hospice of the Valley is helping them but they need our prayer support and ministry. June carried them lunch yesterday. Every act of kindness counts. Remember our LCBS lesson last week. Here is an opportunity to put that lesson into practice.
  • June 6…Rally for Biblical Marriage in Montgomery. I hope to carry the van. I encourage every believer to take a stand before it’s too late.
  • I am a little worried: I have weakness in the right leg and that is how it started last time. I was trying to walk a 100,000 steps this week but I may have over done it. We will know in the morning. I got the ice on my back and I am doing the stretching exercises.
  • June 8-12…VBS and VBX
  • Mandy showed me how to go on facebook and get last years VBS pics but she he did it too fast and I couldn’t remember how she did it so I am showing you whatever.
Got It made in the shade!

Got It made in the shade!



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