Feminism Or Heroism

May 16, 2015

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On the seventh day of the feast, when King Xerxes was in high spirits because of the wine, he told the eunuchs who attended him to bring Queen Vashti to him with the royal crown on her head. He wanted the nobles and all the other men to gaze on her beauty, for she was a very beautiful woman. But when they conveyed the king’s order to Queen Vashti, she refused to come. This made the king furious, and he burned with anger.

~Esther 1:8-10, NLT


Sometimes doing the right thing takes courage and the willing to suffer the consequences.


my thoughts red


I’m fairly certain that some would refer to Vashti as a witch will a B but I am not one of them, I applaud her courage. Her husband, if you could call him such was drunk and all his friends were drunk. Vashti was a beautiful woman, a trophy wife and the king was going to put her on display where all these drunks could gaze with lust. When the eunuchs got to the Harem, where Vashti was hosting a banquet for all the unfortunate girls who lived the same miserable life she did, she refused to go. This frustrated the king and made him very angry. His counselors advised him to replace her as Queen and bar her from his presence which would not have been a big deal to her except for the fact that the harem was a prison and she knew she would be there for the rest of her life. I don’t think she acted rashly; she knew the consequences but she was not willing to compromise her dignity. After all, she was a queen not burlesque star.

I suppose when the kings men were recruiting a young lady for the harem, it was an honor of sorts to be chosen; it certainly meant they were beautiful and members of a very elite group but I have to believe the harem was an unhappy place. I believe these ladies wanted more than one night with the king. I think they wanted a husband who loved them and children to nurture and love. Doing the right thing is seldom easy. Vashti took the high ground; her dignity was not negotiable. To be honest, I don’t think she had any regrets. I could be wrong; it is conjecture on my part but I could also be right. I wonder if she understand that there is something much better than spending the night with a king and that is spending eternity with THE KING of kings?


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extra 2

  • SENIOR DAY this Sunday in the a.m. service: Seniors will be recognized in the a.m. service and Joe David and Lori will take them to lunch.
  • BACCALAUREATE Sunday Night at 6:00. We have a great line up and we are doing something we have never done before: imagine that!
  • WEE CARE Graduation Sunday evening at 2:00.
  • We will have a Deacon’s meeting this week at 8:15.
  • May 29 Senior Adult Cook Out.
  • I may as well go ahead and tell you: DAYLIGHT donuts are closing for the entire month of June.
  • June 6…Rally for Biblical Marriage in Montgomery. I think the time is 3:00 PM
  • June 8-12…VBS and VBX
  • June 14…Vote on Minister of Music [AM in the foyer, secret ballot]
  • Two new articles on the SOAPBOX. One is a cut and paste job about Obama mental disorder. One is by me on the future of Israel in comparison to the U.S. Also a new TOP TEN countries that persecute Christians.
  • GREAT LIFE CHANGING BIBLE STUDY Lesson this Sunday…Its on serving others humbly with love. There is a question in your quarterly, “What opportunities does our group [your class] have to work for the good of others?” I want every class to come up with at least one idea of things we can do to help others. I hope you come up with more than one. Turn them in to me. I want to hear your ideas.




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