May 11, 2015

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Dear friend, don’t let this bad example influence you. Follow only what is good. Remember that those who do good prove that they are God’s children, and those who do evil prove that they do not know God.
~3 John 1:11, NLT


“Bad company ruins good morals.”
~Paul of Tarsus
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Joe David’s message yesterday reminded me of something that happened when the twins {Lara and Lexi} were about four years old. We were in line at the Burger King [before it became Burger Queen] drive through and the car in front of us was slow about moving forward. The windows were down in my vehicle and the next thing I know, Lexi sticks her head out the widow and hollows, “Move you stupid idiot.” Of course, their window was also down and I am sure they heard her. I jerked her in and gave her a firm reprimand but I knew where she got the ideal. The only difference is that I did not stick my head out the window and scream so loud they could actually hear me but it taught be a lesson. Adults have a huge influence over children and we have to be careful what we say and do.
It also reminded me of the story of the visiting preacher. He and one of the deacons went to the door to tell everyone goodbye and good day after the service. As the people filed past the preacher, they were complimenting him on his sermon; that is all except one guy. He told the preacher: “That is the worse sermon I have ever heard.” What’s odd about the story is that the man would go back inside and get in line again. The time he told the visiting preacher, “That was a pitiful excuse for a sermon.” Then he came through a third time: “Horrible, absolutely horrible.” By this time the preacher was visibly shaken and so the deacon turned to console: “Don’t pay any attention to what he says, he is not all there and he just repeats what he hears others say.”
No extra, I am too tired: Happy day after Mother’s Day.
Keri and Kane

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