May 10, 2015

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Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne?

~Isaiah 49:15


God could not be everywhere so He created Mothers.

~Ruyard Kipling

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Theologically, Kipling is wrong because God is omnipresent [everywhere] but his thought is beautiful. I don’t think there is a purer expression of unconditional love than what we see in our mothers. Isaiah raises and interesting question: can a mother forget a child to whom she has given birth? Is it possible for a mother to not love her children? It may be unthinkable but the answer is “yes”. It is the exception to the rule but there are some sorry mothers in this world. It is not a new trend: Jezebel was painting her face [putting on make up] when her son was killed because she intended to seduce his killer. She raised a daughter, Athaliah, who may have been worse: as soon as Athaliah’s son Ahaziah was killed by Jehu, she executed all his sons, her grandsons. She missed one, Joash who was hidden by his aunt Jehosheba who was Athaliah’ daughter. It would make a great soap opera.

Good Mothers

Good Mothers

We don’t want to talk about sorry mothers on MOTHER’S DAY but just be sensitive to the fact that some kids did not have a loving mother. I was preaching on Mother’s day some 20 years ago and I said something that I thought was correct at the time but unfortunately, it was not a wise thing to say. I said, “Your mother gave you birth, no matter how little you may think of your mother, you need to call her today, thank her for giving you birth and tell her you love her.” About 2:00 pm that same evening, I had a visitor. A young man sobbing out of control. I sat with him until he could get his composure. He said, “Bro. Jack, I did what you said, I went home and called my mother. I thanked her for giving me birth and told her that I loved her. All she said was, ‘never call me again’ and then she hung up.”

The Love Of a Mother

The Love Of a Mother

This is the first time I have shared the story publically and I did so just to make you sensitive to an every growing problem. There are too many kids out there today who do not have a loving mother like you and I. The picture above says it all. Last Thursday at the Regional girls softball tournament in Huntsville, Amy shows up with her four little ones. When I saw this picture, it reminded me of her with those kids hanging all over her. We do have a lot  of good mothers. Happy Mother’s Day ladies.

extra 2

  • LCBS at 9:15 and worship at 10:15. No evening service. Joe David preaching today. No children’s church.
  • Joe David checked on Don but he was still in the unit at mid-day, probably in a room today. June and I are headed that way after church.
  • SENIOR DAY next Sunday May 17 am service.Collage9
  • Baccalaureate next Sunday night at 6:00.
  • WEE Care graduation next Sunday at 2:00.
  • Memorial Day May 25
  • VBS June 8-12
  • Senior Adult Cook Out May 29
  • Summer Break July 6-10
  • BLOCK PARTY August 15
  • College Football September 5
  • Labor Day September 7
  • Obama betrays Israel below…Extra, Extra
VBS June 8-12

VBS June 8-12


Composite Age 257...You do the math.

Three and a half Seniors…4 mothers, 4 Grandmothers and 1 great grand mother.


Despite objections by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the U.S. and five other countries announced a framework for an agreement with Iran to produce Nuclear missiles. It is time to sound the alarm: if the US betrays Israel, our goose is cooked. Obama loathes Netanyhu. Personally, I wish he was our president. Messianic Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Cahn said, “according to that ancient promise, America has been the most blessed nation in modern times but now we are watching an alarming change, the White House has attacked Israel’s leader publically, incessantly and mercilessly.” Our idiot president is considering withdrawing all support for Israel. Netanyahu gave a moving speech to both houses of Congress on March 3 of this year. Obama did everything he could to keep the Prime Minister from speaking.

Lt. General Jerry Boykin who I have meet personally [commanded the U.S. Delta Force in Black Hawk down] and was made a scape goat by Washington and forced to retire, told Decision Magazine, “Iran’s first target is Israel, if we do anything to betray Israel, we have crossed the line and there will be a huge price to pay.” In my opinion, it is suicide. We must support Israel. I have a question for the Walton’s, APPLE, the NCAA and the NFL: what are you going to do when Obama betrays Israel and God’s wrath is poured out on America? As James said, “Your wealth with vanish in a day’s time like the vegetation before the Sirocco [scorching heat with winds up to 100 miles an hour]. In the middle East this southeast wind can turn a greed landscape brown in a days time.

There is a full article in DECISION MAGAZINE [May Issue]


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