Identifying Your Passion

May 3, 2015

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When you want a piece of land, you find a way to seize it. When you want someone’s house, you take it by fraud and violence. You cheat a man of his property, stealing his family’s inheritance.

~Micah 2:2, NLT


Filling your mind with God honoring thoughts takes a deliberate act of the will; it will not happen by accident [default].

~Paula A. Kirk

my thoughts red

Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram says that we can identify our passion but monitoring what we think about last, just before we go to sleep and what we think about when we first awake. He may be right and the thought of this creates some concern on my part.  I struggle with my thoughts. I think of 2 Corinthians 10:5 often, We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. My weakness is not greed: I don’t thing about acquiring more property and certainly not at the expense of someone else. I’m too close to heaven to be concerned about real estate here. Do the meek of the earth suffer material loss because others are willing to use fraud or force to take their inheritance? I was talking to someone just the other day about a young man who attended DBC some 15 years back and he was cheated out of his inheritance by two relatives. I knew one of the relatives personally and lost all respect for him. I’ve made some very poor decisions in life which have no doubt cost me money. I’ve never pretended to be a business man but again, this is not what I think about. I am going to reserve my right to confess my weakness to my High Priest. I know He will pray for me and He will not blab my sin to everyone in the community. I’m sure you understand.

Do you think Ingram is right? Do our thoughts reveal our passion? How many of us are thinking about a lost friend? How many of us are thinking about sharing the gospel? Are we focused on things above or things on earth?

Revival Strip

I apologize for not being on the ball: the State Convention is promoting 40 days of Prayer for Marriage. I am suppose to be sending you daily tweets but I have dropped the ball. I will try to do better. This is Day 6.

a 40 days of prayer


95 on November 7



  • The COLS for Mrs. Irene Pope is Monday at 2:00 PM at FRIENDSHIP Baptist church. Visitation will precede the service.
  • Pray for me today, LORD willing, I will preach twice at DBC and I am to speak at a BIBLICAL MARRIAGE rally in Cullman. I missed the Morgan county rally which was a couple of weeks back. The coordinator of the event was turned down by every Cullman County pastor he contacted. We are currently {State wide} in a 40 day prayer for the sanctity of marriage. I forgot to mention it yesterday.
  • Full schedule today except no Deacon’s Meeting.
  • Today is last opp to purchase ROSES FOR MOTHER.
  • Senior Day is May 17th in the am service.
  • I got to visit my Aunt Angie yesterday who is battling cancer. She is a sweet woman and she loves Jesus. My next goal is to visit my uncle Floyd in Rome. It’s a little further drive. Thank You Jesus for your goodness.
  • Pray for VBS June 8-12…Workers needed.
  • Don Fields has heart surgery next Friday, May 8th. Pray for Don.

Keri and Kane

Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker

Keri and Kane


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