Family Feud

April 30, 2015


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“Because of the violence you did to your close relatives in Israel, you will be filled with Shame and destroyed forever.”

Obadiah Verse 10, NLT


Many men profess to hate another, but no man confesses the reason which is rooted in envy and jealously.

~Ya’akov [Adapted from Jeremy Taylor]

my thoughts red

You will recall that Isaac and Rebekah has twins: Esau and Jacob. They were far from identical; as a matter of fact, they were nothing alike. Esau was your typical red neck [literally]. Esau was into lifestyle [hunting, fishing, fighting, food, and chasing females] and had no time for life itself. He did not have a spiritual bone in his body. Jacob was the contemplative type, the thinker, dreamer and schemer. You did not want to play cards with Jake or trade camels. He had a reputation of coming out with the long end of the stick leaving his victims to simmer in their resentment.

Long story short, Jacob cheated Esau out of his birthright and blessing: two extremely important things in their culture. At the advice of mom, Jacob fled the scene and stayed gone for 20 years. Although Esau controlled his temper and did not kill Jacob upon his return to the Canaan, they parted ways shortly after and Esau moved to the mountains of Seir which is Southeast of Canaan. His descendants became known as Edomites and they had a perpetual hatred for Israelites {Jacob’s descendants}.

So intense was this family feud that 1,000 years later, the Edomites helped the Babylonian’s slaughter Israelites. They even celebrated Israel’s demise. Obadiah’s prophecy was: “Because of the violence you did to your relatives in Israel, you will be filled with shame and destroyed forever.” You can search the world over but you will not find the Edomites: they no longer exist. An entire nation destroyed by hate.


After a long search, our Music Search Committee came to the conclusion that we already have our Minister of Music. The Personnel Committee will be recommending that we call David Hopper. David was reluctant at first but after further consideration he has agreed to take the position upon the church’s call. We will schedule the business meeting for June 14 on a Sunday Morning. It will be a secret ballot vote requiring a 3/4 majority. It is a part time Staff Position and I will give you the salary after I have meet with the committee’s one more time. Here is the plan: you have over a month to pray about this: we are asking God to give us wisdom and I believe He is going to do just that. During this month, talk to the Lord about this and feel free to talk to any member of the Search Committee or the Personnel Committee. Personnel Committee members are Jason Bowling, Gregg Holladay and Jeff Garner. I’m not sure who was on the Search Committee because they made some changes after two of our member moved away but I know Jamie T. Glenn and Linda Glenn are on that committee. I will get the rest of the names. Any question, reservation you have, please talk to the committee members. They will listen and we will meet and discuss any issue of great concern. Whatever you want to throw in the mix, now is the time to do it. If we need a hearing we will do it Sunday night June 7. We want to do this is a way that will edify David and Rebekah and the Church.


Floyd and Lucille Bailey

Floyd and Lucille Bailey

  • Uncle Floyd {Daddy’s baby brother and the only survivor of his generation has been battling cancer. He has lost a lot of weight since this picture. It’s been a long hard battle and he is discouraged. Pray for God to encourage him.
  • This Sunday last chance to get Roses for Mama.
  • Senior Day May 17th. Joe David and Lori are taking all High School Seniors to Logans for lunch.
  • For all you 2nd amendment rights lovers and conservatives, you would like NBC’s Chicago PD which comes on Wednesday night after church. You will like the Sergeant, he knows how to get things done.




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