April 21, 2015


Remember my chains.

~Colossian 418, NLT


“I tremble because of the sufferings of those persecuted in different lands. I tremble thinking about the eternal destiny of their torturers. I tremble for Western Christians who don’t help their persecuted brethren.”

~Richard Wurmbrand


When the Apostle Paul wrote to the churches in the Lycus Valley he closed his letter with a prayer request: Paul said simply, “Remember my chains.” Paul was writing from prison in Rome. It is so easy for those of us who have never faced persecution to forget about the millions that do.


American Pastor Saeed Abedini [pictured above with wife and children] was arrested and imprisoned in Iran’s Rajai Shahr prison in 2013 and sentenced to 8 years. He was in Iran working underground with fellow Christians. Saeed is being tortured and deprived of medical attention. Recently he was carried to a hospital due to pressure from human rights groups but he was never treated. Obama has meet with Naghmeh, Saeed’s wife but has made no effort to get Saeed released. Today, April 21, the US is meeting with Iran about nuclear weapons so pray the Saeed’s name will come up.

This is just a reminder that there are Christians being persecuted. It seems surreal to those of us in the West but persecuting Christians is common in the Eastern hemisphere. Today, lets remember their chains and offer up a prayer for Pastor Abendini and his family. Pray that Obama would do something for a Christian for a change.


school teachers c


I go through the prayer sheets on Monday mornings; it was one of my 2015 resolutions. I did not bring the list home with me but there are close to 20 on the list that are battling cancer. We are glad that Kane is home but don’t stop praying. June sister in law is under treatment, I have an aunt and uncle battling cancer. Let’s lift up our friends battling this dreadful disease. I forgot to mention last night that Mrs. Irene Pope is very sick and Judy’s Mom Beatrice Freeze is in HH. I admit that I did not feel up to visitation yesterday. I think I have to much medicine in my system. We are working our way back to normal but we have very little energy. Our good friend Hollis Jarnigan was promoted yesterday; we will be helping with the service LORD willing. 



I have boycotted the NFL for the last two years because of the way they treated Tim Tebow. Trust me, I have not suffered; it’s not like fasting. I find most of their games boring. The NFL has had too much success and they think they can do anything. I heard today that the Eagles gave Tim a one year contract. I’ll be an Eagle fan for the first time ever. They are saying that he may play multiple positions or even be on special teams. I just want to see him get a fair shake. I’m sick of seeing antichrist NFL give him a hard time because he loves Jesus.


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