April 14, 2015

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“Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven.

~Matthew 6:1, NLT


If we wait until we are sure we will do a thing purely and perfectly, we shall never accomplish the will of God on earth.

~Elisabeth Elliot

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Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot

I doubt you can find another soul on this planet that agrees with Mrs. Elisebeth more than I do. Those who work with me have overhead me confess many times, “There goes my reward.” The first principle of doing a good deed is to do it with the right motive and a part of that is to do the deed for the glory of Christ. Once we share what we have done, for the glory of LORD of course, we become like the Pharisees who were bad about tooting their own horn. I have given beggars money just to get them on the road and that is not a perfect motive. Since I question my motives, I could use that as an alibi and just refuse to help anyone.

Ethically we have a dilemma and in my opinion, we have to choose the lesser of the evils. People need help and we are to help them. The LORD will definitely not be pleased if we grow introverted and selfish. So how does a person like me operate? I live by the principle articulated by Mrs. Jim Elliot. The questions I ask are:

  1. What is the right thing to do? This has nothing to do with my motive, I simply pray and ask God to show me what I ought to do. If it is the right thing to do; is this pleasing to the LORD? If so I do and I don’t worry about being rewarded.
  2. Will this help someone? Will it meet a legitimate need? I feel very strongly that we should be more concerned about the needs of others than our eternal rewards. If someone needs help and I can help then helping them is what I do.
  3. Is this going to contribute to the Kingdom of Christ? Let’s say I have $100 that I really want to keep for myself but when the mission offering comes up and I open my wallet, the only money there is a one hundred dollar bill and out of guilt I begrudgingly put it in the plate. I know that instant that I will not be rewarded because my motive was not pure but at the same time, the one hundred dollars that I gave is going to be used in His kingdom’s work and who knows, someone may come to know Christ from that gift.

Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 11:4, “Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant.” The same is true with giving or doing good deeds, if you wait for perfect motives, you will never be a generous giver or doer of good deeds.

extra 2

  • Today we pray for TEACHERS.

school teachers c

  • Went to Doctor yesterday: got another steroid shot and will be on the tablets for another week, then I go to another med for two more weeks. I can do whatever I feel like doing but have to be careful about lifting. I plan to be in the office each day this week but not for a full day.
  • I enjoyed the beautiful colors of spring yesterday as we drove to Huntsville. It amazes me how many shades of Green God created.

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