Everyone Welcome

April 9, 2015



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This is the man who teaches everyone everywhere against our people, our law, and this sanctuary! Furthermore he has brought Greeks into the inner courts of the temple and made this holy place ritually unclean!”

~Acts 21:28, NLT


Integrity is being truthful with myself; honesty is being truthful with others.

~Ya’akov [Adapted]

my thoughts red

Usually when churches run ads in Newspapers or on radio and TV they conclude with “Everyone is Welcome.” Are we sincere when we say, “Everyone is Welcome?”  In Judaism, everyone was not welcome. Paul was arrested for bringing Gentiles into the Temple. Gentiles were not welcome in the Temple. I don’t advocate that we be like the Jews barring people from our places of worship but at the same time I do not think everyone is welcome.  I like the way our workers deal with the bus children. It is a sight for sore eyes: Sissy has become a celebrity. Our bus kids get royal treatment. I’m sure race or socio-economic status would not make a person feel unwelcome at DBC.

But honestly is everyone welcome? What about a terrorist with a bomb strapped to his or her waist: are terrorist welcome? What about hecklers who come to disrupt the service? I’ve actually had hecklers in worship and believe me it was very difficult .What about those who constitute a threat to our children or young people? What about pedophiles and drug dealers?

I don’t want to serve a church that has become a middle class country club and I will have no part in being rude or ugly to people simply because they are different from us; those who do not fit the middle class conservative mold but I have to be honest, everyone would not be welcome. People who constitute a danger to our members would not be welcome. We have had a wide variety of people attend our worship and there was no problem: Over half of our congregation has suffered from divorce, we have people with substance abuse problems, and occasionally we have gays? Our position on marriage and sexuality comes from the word of God and we are not going to change those guiding principles. We have compassion on the families who have been hurt by sexual perversion just like we do on those who have been hurt from divorce, drugs or death of a loved one.

You are welcome to DBC so long as your intent is to join us in worship or to observe. You would not be welcome if you tried to disturb our service of worship or harm any of our members. I suspect that if a terrorist came to DBC, he would get a welcome but it would not be the one he was looking for. Terrorist beware: we have two dozen greeters or maybe more and they are not armed with visitor’s cards.

extra 2

  • Today we pray for those having TRIALS.
  • I had hoped to be back last night but it did not work out. I tried to work Tuesday evening and I paid dearly so I decided not to take a chance. I seem to make an improvement every three days. I can sit some and I can stand some and walk a little so I am better but not back to par.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS is on regardless to my status.

Keri and Kane


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