No Shades of Gray

February 24, 2015

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpgSCRIPTURE

“Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.

~Matthew 12:30, NLT


Unless you repent, by default you are antichrist.


my thoughts red

Most people, unfortunately, think they live in the gray area being neither for Christ nor against Him but Jesus the Creator and Governor of the universe says otherwise. No liberal will agree with Jesus but this is just one of many things that makes them stupid. Jesus said, “Who isn’t with me opposes me.” I wonder what He meant? Seriously! B.B. McKinney understood what Jesus meant, he wrote, “I stood alone at the bar of God in the hush of the twi-light dim, and faced the question that pierced my heart, What will you do with Him? Crown or crucify, which will it be, no other choice was offered to me.” I don’t see a gray area in there, do you? I know it is logical and liberals do not use logic but no decision is a decision. Unless you repent, by default, you are in opposition to Christ. Don’t get ticked at me, I didn’t make the rules: I’m just telling you what they are.

Revival Strip

  • Thank the LORD for Jay Gordon. The man is a genius. He got us back on line is 20 minutes. The church will keep its domain name There are several Danville Baptist Churches in the US but Jay got us this domain before the others go on line. Sometime during this year, {Lord willing} Jay is going to help me get my own domain but the church will keep the old one. We are in Jay’s debt.
  • Today we pray for Teachers
  • Kerri is still at HH but they have ruled out meningitis. She was feeling a little better last evening [Monday] but not back to par.
  • I don’t believe it, they are giving snow for Wednesday. Unbelievable!
  • Unofficially, I think we have the money for 12 houses with 8 to go. Our Budget offering last Sunday was the highest in two years. PTL.
  • I came across a very interesting article today, we could have used this Sunday. Osama Bin hiding Laden was addicted to porn. Click on the link below and read about Islamic Terrorist hooked on porn.
  • Islamic Terrorist addicted to Pornography

Osama bin Laden


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