A Protracted Meeting

February 15, 2015

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So Paul left the synagogue and took the believers with him. Then he began preaching daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus.  This went on for the next two years.

~Acts 19:9-10, NLT [1996 edition]


It is impossible for us to be our best at a moment of crisis when we have consistently been unfaithful in our daily walk.

~F.B. Meyer

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I learn something new practically every day. As I was reading yesterday, I realized for the first time what Paul did at Ephesus. He went to the Jewish Synagogue for three months, that I had noticed but what takes place next, I had missed. There were 12 believers when Paul arrived at Ephesus. They knew only the baptism of John but were anxious to be baptized in the name of Jesus. This became the nucleus of the Church at Ephesus. When the Jews did not respond, the tiny group of believers found another meeting place and this church meet every day for two years which is 730 straight days and Paul preached every day. This is what the old folks use to call a “Protracted Meeting.” Can you imagine preaching for 730 straight days! Wow!

Revival Strip

  • TODAY we pray for SENIORS.
  • I just learned last night [Feb. 14] that my good friend Curtis Stanford was promoted at the young age of 48. Curt was the pastor of Forrest Hills Baptist Church and lead the church to phenomenal growth in his 12 year ministry. Curt is married to Kim Brown, daughter of Lamar and Linda Sue Brown. The news was unbelievable. Curt had a heart attack and did not recover. Visitation Sunday night at Peck, 6:00-9:00. Memorial Service Monday weather permitting. I think Curt and Kim have a little boy named Caleb.
  • LADY HAWKS advance, play Deshler Wednesday at 9:00 weather permitting. Deshler is ranked #1 in the State but we can beat them if we play up to our capability. We have depth that most teams don’t have. The Lady Hawks are the high school version of the Kentucky Wildcats. The second unit played as much as the first yesterday and they played extremely well.
  • Regular Schedule today: Joe David is battling a sinus infection but Lord willing he will preach the am service. I will preach at 6:00 Lord willing. I think the bad weather will hold off until tomorrow night late. Lori wants the 10 inch snow. Aunt T wants sunshine. She got that from her granddaddy.
  • Blood Drive for Kane TODAY!

raising cane

  • HOUSES FOR GUATEMALA begins today. How many can we do in a month? I am praying for 20!

a kenny house project


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