A Savior In A Sewer

February 12, 2015

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‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’

~Matthew 25:40, NLT


In helping others, we help ourselves.

~Woodrow Kroll

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Prior to World War II, Jerzy and Peppa Chiger were living in Lvov, Poland with their two children. The City had the third largest Jewish community in Poland and was known as both a cultural and industrial center. But things went bad quickly as the Nazis stormed into the country and took control of Lvov, in June, 1941, extremely harsh antisemitic measures were immediately put into action. During the summer, thousands of Lvov Jews were killed during a series of massacres. By December, 1941, the Nazis forced the city’s 150,000 Jews into the newly established ghetto and then brutality accelerated the murder, violence and terror. Most were eventually sent to death camps.

There were 1.6 million Jewish children in Europe when the Nazi invaded, by 1945 they had killed 1.5 million Jewish children. Some how a remnant of 100,000 escaped; among them were 4 they were hiding in the sewers below Lvov. They spent 14 months in the sewers where it was wet, stinky and filled with rats. They survived because a Polish Sewage worker discovered them and brought them food. His name was Leopold Socha. He risk his life countless times to get food and clothing to the Jews. When Leopold starting helping them, there were 22 but 11 died of hunger or disease. When the Russian army liberated Lvov, they were given a momentary respite. Eventually the two Chiger children got to the US. Leopold Socha was killed while saving his daughter from an oncoming Russian truck. Leopold became a hero to the Jews. There is a book and a movie about the story; it is called DARKNESS.

Revival Strip

  • Another good supper and service last night: I got a little carried away but we had a good crowd and a good service.
  • Today we pray for our friends and families facing TRIALS.
  • I am, LORD WILLING, shifting gears today as we try to prepare ourselves for the WINTER BIBLE STUDY at Sardis Springs. I will be in retreat today.
  • No throw-backs today and maybe that is a good thing. If old Gregg has a Sunlight tape, I am in trouble. Old Gregg does pretty good you know!
  • February, what’s left is Build A House in Memory of Kenny Holladay. The next two Sunday mission offering go to houses in Guatemala. I think Charles class is doing two house in Memory of Roy Mims. We can’t raise too much. Anything we have left over will go to the feeding center and we need $75,000 to finish the second level.




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