February 9, 2015

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To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.

~Matthew 25:29, NLT


If we do not give properly we cannot worship properly.

~John MacArthur

my thoughts red

Rarely does anyone come to me after the service and say, “I missed that last point, would you mind repeating it?” It happened to me last night and I was moved: someone was actually listening. If you missed one of the points or all of the points, they are all in Matthew 25…

[1] God owns everything. [Everything belongs to the Master, verse 18,27 and Psalms 24:1]

[2] Everyone is Accountable. [Saved, lost, everyone, verse 30]

[3] You are Responsible for only what God has entrusted to you. [verse 15]

[4] You are to Invest what God has entrusted to you. [Verses 16,27]

[5] Never take God’s resources out of circulation. [Verse 24-27] God hates hoarding. 

[6] God rewards FAITHFUL STEWARDS. [Verse 21,23]

If 13% [20 families] of our people tithe {DBC} and our weekly offering is $10,000, what would our offering be if 100% [150 families] tithed? Lets dream a little. If half our people tithed: we could pay off our debt is 6 months. We could pave the parking lot in 8 months. We could pay for the second level of the feeding center in Guatemala by Christmas. We could do a make over in the sanctuary in 2016–raising the Baptistry, putting hardwood on the stage, new carpet in the Sanctuary and getting the additional lighting we need. Dream with me: better still be a part of the dream.

For those who do not read their bibles through at least once a year, the following facts are going to be unbelievable. All I ask is that you check out their credibility. Jesus spoke about money in sixteen of His twenty-nine parables. He talked more about the subject of finances than about the subjects of heaven and hell combined. He taught about stewardship twice as much as He did about faith and prayer. Jesus discussed this topic more than any other single topic during His earthly ministry. Shocked are you, right? 

Revival Strip

  • I did it again: we have a CELEBRATION and I did not get a pic for the blog. PTL for another profession of faith {Olivia Jones} which is five Sundays in a row if my math is right. God is at work in Children’s Church. The parents are planting, Shohn and team water and God gives the increase. Praise God!
  • Today we pray for MINISTERS and MISSIONARIES. Pray for Joe David today. It is a travel day to Seminary and he goes from Birmingham to New Orleans this week so he will be on the road a lot.
  • I am thrilled with the response of our LCBS CLASSES: Senior Adult Women visited the Nursing Home. Charles’ class in building 1 maybe 2 houses in Guatemala. Gary’s class is working with Kelly Tanner on DMS supply closet. My class is doing a Shower for SAV-A-LIFE. Hopefully by next week, every class will report a PROJECT. Sunday night week [Feb.22] is PARTY NIGHT. Remember, the party is for fellowship and outreach. Invite a friend to your party. Most people like to party. Senior adults may be an exception but we do like to eat out. 
  • I am guessing the pic below was Thanksgiving 09 or 10, just a guess. I can identify 16, how many do you get? If you get them all, you win a free Chick-Fil-A.



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