Keep Hoping!

January 17, 2015

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Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping—believing that he would become the father of many nations.

~Romans 4:18, NLT


Faith refuses to limit God to the capacity of our Logic.


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Jack Taylor said often, “If you could put God in your little box of brains, He would not be a God big enough to worship.” Abraham understood this truth long before Taylor came on to the scene. God’s promise to Abraham did not make sense but Abraham understood that it was because he didn’t have enough sense for God’s sense to make sense. Faith is neither logical or illogical: it is theological. By faith, Abraham added God to the equation.  Abraham + Sarah + Sex + God = Baby. He believed God’s promise because he believed God could fulfill His promise even if it required supernatural power.

For the record; Abraham was right. Although he never saw the promise fulfilled, God births several nations out of Abraham’s seed. The Arab nations go back to Ishmael. The Jews go back to Jacob and the Edomites to Esau. Abraham had six sons by Keturah and one of them was Midian, father of the Midianites. My thinking at least nine nations came from Abraham’s loins. Wow! Abraham is our father of faith because he although he did not live to see it, he believed it would be because God said it would be.

extra 2

  • Today we pray for STUDENTS.
  • Today is a travel day for Big Mama and myself.
  • Pray for Joe David as he preaches at DBC tomorrow and for me at FBC Grand Bay, Alabama.
  • Pray for Kenny. He had a pretty decent day yesterday, a little better than Thursday I think. I had a good visit with him and he said he rested well the night before. I have enjoyed talking with Bradley; the boy has been all over the world and part of the time he was under water. He was on a Nuclear Sub for 6 years. The Sub was 45 feet wide and 700 feet long. It you parked it in downtown Danville, it would stick out of both sides of town.
  • Church Directory is going good so far. The flu has hurt us a little.
  • I posted something late last night that you may have missed. A good movie for mother’s with young children. He was produced by Alex Kendrick, the same guy who produced FACING THE GIANTS, FLYWHEEL, COURAGEOUS, and FIREPROOF. It came out in 2014 but I missed it; the title is Mom’s Night Out. It has some 3-Stooges type comedy in it but also a powerful message that glorifies Christ. I think you will love Trace Atkins. I didn’t know him from Adam’s house cat but when June watched it with me and as soon as she saw him, she said, “There is Trace Atkins.” I think he is a WWF wrestler. June says he is Country Music singer. Hollywood did not like the movie which means it is a decent movie to watch. Who gives a rat’s rear end what Hollywood likes.
  • Easy Money shared a new joke with me today: What is the difference between Patrick Henry and Bill Clinton? Give up? Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty of give me death.” Slick Willy said, “Give me Libby or give me Beth.” I have a sister that will not like this joke; her name is Beth. I apologize to all the Libby’s and Beth’s.
Teddy and St. Nick At Game Day

Teddy and St. Nick At Game Day



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