Pray For Us

January 15, 2015

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Pray for us…I especially need your prayers right now.

~Hebrews 13:18-19, NLT


 To begin your day without the Word of God and prayer is like a musician tuning his instrument after the concert.

`Hudson Taylor

my thoughts red

I was in a evangelism training clinic many years ago and the teacher said, “When you get in a home, never leave without asking permission to pray, everyone wants to be prayed for.” A night or two later when we went out knocking on doors, I found no one who wanted me to pray for them.  I do agree, that here in the heart of the bible belt, most people appreciate prayer. I did have one fellow here in Danville tell me that he preferred that I did not pray in his home. Most of us want prayer. Personally, I am a prayer hog. I want everyone to pray for me.

All bible scholars agree that Paul did not write Hebrews but chapter 13 sounds like Paul. He said, “Pray for us…Pray for us right now…Pray that I be equipped with everything I need for doing God’s will; that Christ be seen in me and that I please Him in all I do.” Good prayer: if you want to repeat it with me in mind, that will be fine with me.

extra 2

  • Today we pray for those facing TRIALS AND TEMPTATIONS. Of course I want you to continue to pray for Kenny but remember the Mike Wiggins family. Mike was a good Christian man who battled brain cancer for 3-4 years. He was promoted on Tuesday. His COLS is today at 1:00. We will be helping with Roy’s service today.
  • Bradley got home on Tuesday and I got to visit with him a minute yesterday. Kenny was very tired yesterday but we talked for a minute and I had prayer.
  • Mandy will be working today as she prepares the Church Directory photos which begins tonight. When she planned this, it seemed so far away but it is here.
  • I got a card from Phil Glisson today. He is excited about being with us on February 1 for both services. His wife Teresa will be with him and her new buddy “Scotty.” February 1 is not that far away.
  • We are preparing for our trip to Grand Bay. Pray for our merciful God to send REVIVAL.
  • No holidays for us in January but we do have one to look forward to in February. The 16th is President’s Day and by that we mean two: George Washington and Ronald Reagan. We might throw Jefferson and Adams in the mix. The only holiday I could associate with the one we have is to celebrate the day we get him out.



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