A Blessed Nation

December 30, 2014

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Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord.

~Psalms 33:12, NRSV


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

~Thomas Jefferson

my thoughts red

According to the latest issue of DECISION MAGAZINE, the Human Rights Campaign {cover for gay rights} is targeting the South, three States in particular: Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas. Their goal is to force us to accept something that the bible clearly condemns. It’s politically correct to say, being gay is okay but we are not politically correct in the South, just correct. Have you noticed that evil is relentless? Homosexuality is destructive to dignity, self-esteem, family, health, character and it will be the death of this nation if we don’t change our way of thinking.

Carlton Lee is the Brown’s family pastor in Ferguson, Missouri. He boarded a plane in search of a BGEA team member. He was deeply distraught about what went on in Ferguson and his inability to stop it. He was looking for encouragement.  His sanctuary was burned to the ground during the riots that took place Thanksgiving weekend. Evidently, the mob was not satisfied with his position which was peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. He and his congregation now meet in a tent.

meeting in a tent

On November 14, just a few weeks ago, Gary Hall, Dean of the Washington Cathedral which is owed and operated by the Episcopal Church, hosted a muslim pray meeting {Pictured below}. I have been in the Cathedral several times. June literally bumped into Billy Graham on the steps of the Cathedral at the Bush inauguration but it has been desecrated and I will never enter it again. Keith could sum this up in one word, “Unbelievable.”


Samatha Jones, a 17 year old high school senior in Blackwood, N.J., is fighting to keep the Pledge of Allegiance legal in New Jersey. The American Humanist Association is threatening to have the Pledge declared illegal. They are offended by the phrase “One nation under God.” Samatha has appeared on Fox News and the Mike Huckabee show. She is pictured below with her family, she is on the far right. Samatha is being represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

jones family

Happy is the nation whose ‘elohiym is Yahweh. ‘Elohiym is plural and can be translated gods, divine beings, angels or God according to context. I have my own definition for ‘elohiym: your ‘elohiym is your object of worship.  Here is the Psalm 33:12 in the JEV, “Blessed is the nation whose object of worship in Jesus.” For 2015, let’s pray for REVIVAL IN AMERICA. We have been blessed and now it’s time for us to be a blessing.

extra 2

  • Today we pray for Teachers.
  • Continue to pray for Kenny. He rested better night before last but did not have a great day yesterday. He is very weak.
  • The off days are slipping by in a hurry. I’ll have to begin preparation Friday so Thursday will be my last one. Remember we have a slight, very slight change in our Sunday morning schedule. LCBS will begin at 9:15 but don’t be late. It is a mental thing. You are not late for work every day and there is no need to be late for church every Sunday. You have to prepare yourself mentally. Willard will ring the bell at 10:05 instead of 10:00. This gives us 50 minutes which I think is sufficient.
  • LCBS Classes: take time to pray for others before you begin your lesson.


James and Martha Newby [2010]

James and Martha Newby [2010]

Mrs. Martha Newby in between two crazy Baptist Preachers

Mrs. Martha Newby in between two crazy Baptist Preachers

The Un-magnificent Seven

The Un-magnificent Seven

Chanda and the Extremes

Chanda and the Extremes

One of my all time favorites

One of my all time favorites

This KId Reminds Me of Jason

Jason The Kid

0ne of these lovely chicks became a "Stalker"

The one on the right is the infamous “Trinity Stalker”

Identify six or more and win a free copy of my book "What Men Know About Women"

Identify six or more and win a free copy of my book “What Men Know About Women”

a through back

ab through back

I do love Floyd’s Smile




B'day Girl on Right

Three Stooges and a Baby

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