Money Has No Future

December 27, 2014




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If you haven’t been faithful with that wicked thing called money, who is going to entrust you with true wealth?

~Luke 16:11, CT {N.T. Wright}


Christ allows His money to be taken from Him, but never His sheep.
– Pasquier Quesnel

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Luke 16 begins with a story of a man who was a steward [manager] for a wealthy man. The steward was sloppy in his accounting and things were not adding up. When his boss found out about his poor management, he called him into account and took away his stewardship.

This is not a difficult story to interpret. Jesus is the wealthy man and we are the stewards. Money as we know it is simply a test. If we can be faithful stewards with HIS money, then in the age to come, we will be entrusted with TRUE WEALTH. You must understand that money is not “True Wealth.” We are playing with monopoly money, its paper that will burn. Silver and gold are no better: they will burn also.

We measure people on earth by the money they have because we believe that money has great value; but it’s only temporary. In the next world, money will be worthless. If someone asks you what you are worth, just say, “In this world or the next?”

I know a lot of rich men but I only know one, possibly two who spend Christmas Eve visiting widows and giving them a card that has a sizable chunk of change inside. I would guess that he gives away five to ten thousand dollars at Christmas. I am guessing: it could be much more. You and I may not be this rich but we are rich if compared to the rest of the world.

Luke 16 concludes with the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus. For every rich man there is a Lazarus at the gate. What did you do to help your Lazarus this Christmas? How do you think Jesus feels about the way you are using HIS money? No excuses folks, someone close to you needed an ACT OF KINDNESS and you hoarded the resources the Master has entrusted to your account. The only reason you didn’t see your Lazarus was that you were not looking.

It’s not to late to make some deposits in the bank of heaven. Do an act of kindness today.

extra 2

  • TODAY we pray for STUDENTS.
  • Visitation for the Garner family is this morning from 11:00-12:45 and COLS at 1:00. All at Peck’s in Hartselle. Betty Stephenson Harp fell last Sunday evening and cut a gash in her head. She had to spend two days in DGH. She is back home in Hartselle.
  • I am loving these holidays. I get to study and read to lunch everyday. I could get use to this.
  • Big day…hosting siblings breakfast at 8:30 and then visitation at 11:00 and COLS at 1:00.
  • Remember tomorrow’s schedule is light, extremely light: Coffee and Donuts at 9:30 and worship at 10:15 {No LCBS and not evening worship}.

Michael Mason Is Our Special Guest Tomorrow

Mike Mason

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