A New And Living Way

December 26, 2014



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Therefore, brethren, since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, His flesh.

~Hebrews 10:19-20, NASB


Everything in Old Testament Judaism was a symbol or shadow of Christ. The temple, the furnishing, the veil: all point to  Christ. 


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According to Josephus, the temple veil was 60 feet tall and 4 inches thick. Not even a horse had the strength to draw this huge curtain that separated the Holy of Holies from the court of the priest. The veil served as a wall, a partition separating sinful man from Holy God. The Jews had the right concept: God is holy and sin had created a barrier but Jesus broke down the barrier that separated Holy God from sinful man.

The moment Jesus died, there was an earthquake and this 60 foot curtain know as the veil was ripped open from top to bottom. The renting of the veil was the final blow to Judaism and marked a NEW AND LIVING WAY to the Father. Jesus is the new and living way. When we think of a “way,” we think of two things: [1] A path or route and [2] A vehicle. Jesus is both.

Sadly, the religious Jews patched up the veil and tried to continue as though the death of Jesus had no impact. In truth, the death of Jesus had a huge impact on Judaism: Jesus fulfilled the sacrificial system. We don’t have a problem with this but the early disciples struggled with it big time. Paul was arrested in the temple fulfilling a Jewish vow. He was warned not to go to Jerusalem but he wanted to be there for Pentecost, a Jewish festival. Paul represents the best of the best: he understood grace like no one else and yet he had a hard time letting go of his old religion.

Let your religion go and embrace Jesus. He is the NEW and LIVING way.

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  • Today we pray for Family…I think it is Friday.
  • June tripped over my boots and almost fail: I heard her from the study. I said, “Are you all right,” “Yeah,” she said, “I tripped over your boots.” She always finds a way to make things my fault. Those boots have been sitting in the middle of that room all day. She has had three or four chances to put them in the closet and she just walked by them and now is blaming me for stumbling over them. Now you know what I live with. Bless my heart.
  • We went to see UNBROKEN yesterday evening: I don’t recommend it for women and children. Hannah said she had rather see the LAST OF THE MOHEGIANS. It has a lot of gruesome torture. Not many bright spots and very little humor plus they leave out the part about Billy Graham. The people I talked to said the book was better than the movie.
  • Jeff Garner’s dad, Charles Garner, passed away yesterday morning. I am pretty sure the COLS will be Saturday.
  • Don’t forget…Michael Mason this Sunday at 10:15…We’ll have some donuts and coffee about 9:30.

Mike Mason

  • I have posted the top ten cartoons of 2014. Number one is on the bottom. There may be a tie between 1 and 2: it ran pretty close.

Adam and Jason




Blasted Modern Architecture!

Blasted Modern Architecture!



foghorn and cat



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  1. Amy Garnett Says:

    I am officially requesting that Bro Mike also sing at least one song.

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