Judgment Without Mercy

December 14, 2014



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Judgment is without mercy, you see, for those who have shown no mercy. But mercy triumphs over judgment.

~James 2:13, CT


The love of Christ is incomprehensible: it is too deep for the finite mind to fathom.


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A 19-year-old Mississippi woman was literally burned alive last Saturday night {December 6} in one of the more gruesome murders in our time. Jessica Chambers, of Panola County, Mississippi had lighter fluid poured on her body and down her throat and then was set afire. “When the fire department got to the scene, she was walking down the road on fire … the only part of her body that wasn’t burned was the bottom of her feet. Chambers was flown to a hospital in Memphis but later died. Authorities said initial autopsy results reveal that Chambers died from severe burns that covered 98 percent of her body.

The entire story is horrifying: who would do such a thing and what should be done to them when they are apprehended? I think most of us would opt for James 2:13a…”Judgment without mercy.”  Soak them in gas and lit them like a torch. Let them experience the horror of such an agonizing death. This would be justice without mercy. Could I carry out such an execution? No but I know some folks who could probably take care of it and never miss a nights sleep.

Now I am going to make a comment that you will not like or at least one you will not be able to understand. Jesus blood would cover this horrific sin if the guilty parties turned to Him in true repentance and faith. Yes, as horrible as this sin was, the criminals could be forgiven. I don’t know if I could forgive them and I have doubts as to whether or not I could ever love them but we are not talking about my puny love; we are talking about Jesus  incomprehensible love. I can’t imagine a love so great.

For the record, I believe the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses all sin and I also believe in capital punishment. If the man or two men or whoever repent, I can rejoice in their salvation but they still need to be executed. Horrible deeds deserve horrible consequences.


  • Today is a big day at DBC. The kids have put hours of practice into the play and it opens this evening at 5:30 for one show only. Remember our CHRISTMAS SUPPER followers and I have already tasted the ham: it is delicious.
  • Ty-bo had his first official basketball game yesterday and he can jump like his granddaddy Dwight. The little scoundrel had 13 rebounds, 4 steals and 1 assist. Unfortunately he shoots like me: I think he went 1 for 17. He wouldn’t shoot at all in the first half but Brent had a talk with him at half and he started putting them up; shades of Brent when he played for Gary Walker.  Hey, its more fun than a T-ball game.
  • Went to Huntsville to check on little Preston Roberts and ran into Ashley Alexander. Whitney is diabetic and almost went into a coma. Thank goodness they got her to Huntsville in time. Whitney is awake and alert but weak. Little Preston is on the ventilator. He is cute as a bug in a rug. They have him sedated while they work on his oxygen level. He will have surgery Monday, Lord willing. Pray for these two families: they have been under a lot of stress these last few days.

David and Ginger

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