Talking To Your Father

December 8, 2014

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But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.

~Matthew 6:6, NLT


Prayerlessness is a sin.

~Corrie Ten Boom

my thoughts red

Just as a teacher needs a class room, an intercessor needs a prayer room. Jesus assumed we would pray…”When you pray,”…He says, not, “If you pray.” You need a time and a place, a room with a door: shut yourself in and the world out. Spend some time talking to your Heavenly Father: He wants to talk to you. There is something wrong when a child does not talk to their father.


  • Glory to God: we had to bring in chairs in LCBS yesterday, hallelujah, I was so excited. You have to come early to get the back row but yesterday, all rows were filled…THANK YOU JESUS.
  • Didn’t the choir do great and they looked good. I told Mr. Hardy last night that he did great and he told me that it was not him, that Jesus always got between him and the mic. I said, “Why doesn’t he get between me and my mic?” He did not have an answer, only a Hardy laugh. {No pun intended}
  • Mandy put the notices in our LCBS notebooks for Adult Classes to sponsor children. I forgot to talk to my class but my faithful class secretary is all over it. When you sponsor a child as a class, you assume responsibility, take the assignment sheet from Mandy and do the shopping. There is no excuse for an adult class not to sponsor a child. Charles’ class sponsors four. Tis the Season to be generous!
  • GREAT DAY yesterday. I had enough liberty to preach an hour in both service…Thank You Jesus! We went over the 300 mark yesterday for the first time in a while…can I get a PRAISE JESUS! Even thing was good except the MISSION OFFERING. I want every God blessed man to put a $20 in the Mission Offering next week. We need to get the Children’s building finished so we can get the Medical Building started. We have to build a facility for Doc Holladay to pull teeth.



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