Success and Failure

December 8, 2014


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“Master,” Simon replied, “we worked hard all last night and didn’t catch a thing. But if you say so, I’ll let the nets down again.” And this time their nets were so full of fish they began to tear!

~Luke 5:5-6, NLT


Don’t let success supplant your love for Jesus.

~Junior Hill

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Junior HillPeter and crew had fished all night and caught nothing. Keep in mind, they were profession fishermen; this was their livelihood. Peter was reluctant to put the boats back in the deep and mess up the nets. If he obeyed Christ, this meant more work for he and his crew but he did obey and caught a boat load of fish. This story of failure and then success has an unusual ending. Note verse 11, “And as soon as they landed, they left everything and followed Jesus. They left a boat load of fish to follow Jesus: matter of fact, they left their boats, nets, gear and the huge catch and followed Jesus.

My purpose statement for life is to be “Obedient to Jesus Christ.” As Junior pointed out to our pastors yesterday morning, “sometimes we get caught up in the numbers, in the catch, in the success and we forget the most important thing is to stay on the heels of Jesus.”

Think about present day pastors: if we were given the success that Peter was given, we would probably write a book, FIVE WAYS TO CATCH A BOAT LOAD OF FISH. We would begin hosting clinics, telling others how to catch a boat load of fish. It would not be long until the truth would be obscured by our self promotion. The fact is, Jesus is the reason we catch fish. He is the ONE who makes us fishers of men. Our job is to obey Him. He, by divine fiat, puts the fish in the net. Don’t ask me to explain how He does it: I can’t but I know this: when Peter and crew went on their own initiative, they caught nothing. When they went in obedience to Jesus command, they filled two boats.


  • Today we pray for TEACHERS.
  • As you can tell from the blog Junior Hill preached at the MBA Pastor’s Conference yesterday. A normal crowd is 15-20 but yesterday the room was packed. Every one loves Junior. The man’s character and heart are highly respected among the brethren. I don’t know that I ever seen anything like it in my life time.
  • Michael Mason has a viral YouTube hit….Amari Cooper Parody. I showed it to Mavis, she liked it but then she wanted me to sing it. I did Mike Masonone line and she cackled. I stopped because I couldn’t remember the words. She wanted me to sing it again. I sang the one line I could remember and she cackled again. They heard her all through the South wing. Yesterday was Mavis and Kenny’s birthday. Kenny is my age [56] and Mavis is 90.  I had a good visit with both of them. Alabama plays January 1st. Every time you think about this game, I want you to say a prayer for Kenny Holliday. You can do it, if you set your mind to it. Our first concern is Kenny and I know how often Alabama fans think about the game. It is more than once a day.

ysam EXTRA

[This article is about economics and politics: it is basically for men with thick skin. Reader beware!]

I am not an economist or a political science major but I do know and have known all along that the Affordable Care Act {Obama Don’t Care} would cost the tax payers. I try to read the IMPRIMIS each month and this months article is by Casey Mulligan, professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Mulligan uses a term I am was not familiar with, “tax distortions.” Tax distortions come most often through subsidies. Ethanol is a good example: It is not in our best interest {consumer} to put corn in gasoline but our big brother federal government subsidizes gasoline refiners and that’s why we have all the problems that go with ethanol. The government passes the cost on to the consumer so gas prices are higher because of ethanol, not lower. This is how that distort tax and this is what they are doing with ACA {Obama Care}. They will penalize employers with 50 or more full time employees $2,000 per year per employee if the employer does not provide Health Insurance. The $2,000 penalty is not tax deductible which technically makes it more like $3,000.

Decades of research show that when you “tax something,” you get less of it. To use a simple analogy that anyone can understand: let’s say the government put a tax on Camping. Any camper using a Federal, State or Public Park would not only pay the normal fee which I thing is $15-20 dollars per day plus an additional tax of $20 per day for camping. The bottom line is–fewer people are going to camp because they do not want to pay the tax. Mulligan says that three things are going to happen because of Obama Care and all will have an adverse affect on the economy.

  1. Employers are going to cut hours so that they have fewer full time employees. They are not going to pay the penalty if there is a way to avoid it and cutting hours from full time [40+] to part time [39-] is a way to avoid the penalty.
  2. Small Business are going to stay small. They will avoid the 50 employee number. Is this really what we want? Do we want to stifle small business the backbone of the Republic?
  3. Full time employees will pick up the cost of Obama Care because all part time employees qualify for government subsidies. When the bureaucrats in Washington engineered this night mare, they estimated that only 8 million Americans would feel the economic crunch of Obama Care. Mulligan says the number will be much higher but does not offer a guess. I’m predicting it to cost every full time employee in America except of course for Government workers, most of which are parasites feeding off the system. So if it feels like you are making less than you did five years ago, it is most likely due to distorted tax hidden in subsidies. I hate subsidies and entitlements: economically, they will be the death of this Republic. You are welcome to argue with me on this point but you will lose the argument.

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Bailey Christmas 2014


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