Give Me New Wine

December 3, 2014

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


“But no one who drinks the old wine seems to want the new wine. ‘The old wine is just fine,’ they say.”

~Luke 5:39, NLT


“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

~Timothy Ray Keenum

my thoughts red

Jesus was uniquely refreshing, a breath of fresh air, totally unlike any rabbi the Jews have ever encountered. He is the only person in history who fulfilled or could fulfill all the qualifications of the Messiah and yet the Jews as a whole rejected HIM. He offered them something new and exciting but they choose to cling to the old and familiar. In Philippians 3 Paul tells how he let go of the old to embrace the new: he turned his back on the law and legalism to embrace Christ and grace. Things Paul once treasured became rubbish to him because he had a new love, a new passion that compelled him to let go of the old.

Judaism was the seed from which Christianity sprang but the flower {Christ} is more glorious than the seed {Judaism}. Jesus told the religious Jewish establishment, “You are trying to put new wine in old skins and it will not work; you will lose both the wine and the skins.” Jesus words have been fulfilled: The Jews clung to a religion that has become a faint shadow of Old Testament Judaism. They have no Temple, no sacrifice, no High Priest, and no atonement because they rejected the SAVIOR.

Are there some things you need to let go of; things you need to stop clinging to so you can embrace the new. If you don’t make a break with your past, you will miss the joy of the present. Let go of your trespasses and the trespasses against you. Embrace Jesus and live in the freedom of His grace. O Hallelujah, O What A Savior Haley and Charity are going to sing that for me someday.


  • Today we pray for those having TRIALS and TRIBULATION. I appreciate you praying for my friend Kenny. He has been feeling a little better lately. Thank you for praying for Jaxson, Lela’s Hazel’s son, he is better. I have some friends that are going through a rough time and you do too…let pause and pray for them right now!
  • SENIOR ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY at Cracker Barrel Friday at 9:30 am.
  • I think we were down again last night: my group is holding it’s on but overall we were down: I would guess 150 or so. It is hard to recover from these breaks.
  • Mandy put a sheet in your LCBS notebooks last week about sponsoring children for Christmas. Charles class always leads the field in this: they took four. Our class is doing two and Jason’s two. We can get more names from the school if you want a Christmas project for your class.

smoking will get you Christmas-Cartoons-20


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