Let All The People Thank YOU!

November 26, 2014

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God! Let people thank and enjoy you. Let all people thank and enjoy you.

~Psalms 67:3, MSG


It is not happy people who are thankful: it is thankful people who are happy.


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When Jesus sat down to eat the Passover meal with His beloved followers, this is what He said, “You have no idea how much I have looked forward to eating this Passover meal with you.” [Luke 22, MSG] Wow, can you believe this? The Son of God looking forward to sharing a meal and some time with us. The disciples also enjoyed the company of Jesus. There was no dread in hanging out with Jesus. Yes, He was perfect but He was also filled with mercy and compassion. He was also very funny and pleasant.

This Thanksgiving do more than acknowledge your blessing; the unbelieving world can do this. This year spend some time with Jesus, enjoy His presence and thank Him personally. It is not enough to be thankful for the gifts; we need to spend quality time with the Giver of the gifts and thank HIM personally. If you cannot enjoy spending time with Jesus here on earth, you would be miserable in heaven.


  • Today we pray for the WORLD. Why don’t we pray Psalms 67…O God, in mercy bless us; let your face beam with joy as you look down at us. Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind.  We pray that everyone throughout the earth will praise YOU Lord!  How glad the nations will be, singing for joy because YOU are their King and the giver of true justice to people! We pray for the whole world to praise YOU! May all the peoples of the earth give thanks to YOU and peoples from remotest lands will worship him.
  • Shohn and I will be working a half day: remember, no services tonight but the Thanksgiving service tomorrow. I am fairly certain it is the next to last. Its always a good service, one of my favorites.
  • I know some of you don’t believe in angels but I saw one yesterday morning. I was in the office slaving away at the DIGEST and this beautiful creature suddenly appeared, she was dressed white; well a white top with blue jeans. The lovely creature handed me a caramel pie and a pecan pie. O my, my, I do love pie.
  • Remember Bob! One of his rules was…”It is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask for permission.”

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