Flying Off The Handle

November 25, 2014

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As one of them was felling a timber, his axhead flew off and sank in the river.

~II Kings 6:5, MSG


Sometimes it takes losing something to realize what you had.


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The seminary students under the tutoring of Elisha wanted to build extra dormitory rooms for the seminary and so they went to the river to cut some timber. Being preachers, they didn’t have the money or the tools so they borrowed an ax. The ax handle had not been soaked or wedged properly and the ax head flew off the handle and went into the river. The handle was no problem. Handles were carved from wood and very common: the iron ax head was a different matter. It had great value and it was borrowed. The handler of the ax was not being lazy but he did get careless: every woodman can tell when the ax head is lose.

Actually this is the way we lose most things including our temper: we just get careless. You can lose a job by being careless. You can lose a family by being careless. A man came to me some 20 years ago and said, “Preacher, she told me a half dozen times that if I didn’t change, she was going to leave. I never believed she would do it but guess what: she is gone and she’s not coming back and I have no one to blame except myself.” Not many people are as honest with me but this man was telling the truth.

The seminary story has a happy ending. Elisha recovered the ax: his prayer or faith or both brought the ax head to the top of the water. The ax head was floating on the surface and a seminary student reached out and retrieved it. Just remember, it took a miracle to recover what they had lost. Be careful with what God has entrusted to you: if you lose it, there is always the possibility you will not get it back.


  • I’m still glowing from Sunday–What a day! Thank YOU Jesus!
  • Today we pray for TEACHERS. I know they are tickled, they have a short week.
  • Remember no Wednesday night meetings of any kind but we will meet Thanksgiving morning at 9:30 for a brief time of giving thanks. Maybe we can get granny to sing for us. I’m serious. Do it granny!
  • Alan is working with the Mac: I am hoping that he can help me solve a problem or two. I met with him at Keith’s yesterday morning.  I’d love to have him here all the time. There are some families that I love to visit and Keith and Judy are one of them. They have the gift of hospitality. If you don’t feel at home there, you have problems.
  • Bobby sent me a great pic that I want to run but I feel a little guilty: it is about an attempt to take a certain leader hostage. You will have to read between the line: I am deleting the font. It may be hard to figure out but I think the deeply intellectual will get it.

a flying rain deer-cartoon-2

A rudolph shot my mom

attempt to take president hostage


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