Err On The Side of Grace

November 21, 2014

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“You’ll not likely go wrong here if you keep remembering that our Master said, ‘You’re far happier giving than getting.’
~Acts 20:35, MSG


“Generosity always wins favor, particularly when accompanied by modesty.”
~Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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I really don’t remember where I picked up this principle…“If you are going to err, it is better to err on the side of grace.” It may have come from my Mother or Bro. Inman. Probably Bro. Inman, Mother believed in the law. Someone somewhere along the way planted this thought in my head years ago and it has become a life principle that I try to live by. Can you pay a worker too much? Can you over tip at a restaurant? If we leave more than is expected, we may be considered generous: if we leave less, we may be considered stingy. Personally, I prefer to err on the generous side. Frankly, preachers are not good company at restaurants because most of them leave an embarrassing tip. Of course, very few will pick up the tab so it becomes a mute point. At Christmas time, it seems that the spirit of generosity prevails more so than the rest of the year. Err on the side of grace this Christmas or at least make that your goal.


  • Today we pray for FAMILY.
  • Looking forward to Sunday…LCBS at 9:00, Worship at 10:15 with Baptism.
  • LUKE 14 Sunday evening at 5:30 PM.
  • Bring your OCC Shoe boxes this Sunday.
  • Don’t forget to make an appointment to get your picture in the new church directory…See Mandy or Floyd at the Welcome Center. This is not a church membership project, this is for all attendees whether you are a member or not.
  • Go to Doc today: hope to get released.
  • Did something last night that I rarely do: responded to comments; well until I got tired. All were positive I think and it was good to see Steve’s name on the comment list. The boy has up and left us. I going to start a petition to get him to move back to Danville where he belongs.
  • Some of these cartoons I can’t make out until I load them. I intended to remove one last night that didn’t get removed. I thought it was funny but my editor did not agree. My apology!



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One Response to “Err On The Side of Grace”

  1. Steve Says:

    You saw my name? Well let me tell you that I love it over here. We are greeters in the 2nd and 4th Sunday and I am part of two small groups that meet and study and pray. I saw that you were sick and prayed exter for you and Kenny has been on my prayer list form over the last two years. I love DBC you daily blog. So that’s how it is going I still have some back issues but overall I’m doing good.

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