Beyond Competition

November 16, 2014

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 When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.”

~John 21:15, NRSV


Liberals hate Christianity because politics is a faith substitute for liberals and they can’t stand the competition.

~Ann Coulter

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Three times Jesus questions Peter about his devotion and all three are different. First Jesus asks, “Do you love {Agapeo} Me more than these {other disciples}.” Jesus knew that Peter was driven by a sense of competition. The second time, Jesus says, “Do you love {Agapeo} Me? He is narrowing the focus: just Himself and Peter, one on one. The third time Jesus asked, “Do you love {Phileo} me? Do you love me like a friend? Agape would imply that Peter loved Jesus as Jesus loved him. Phileo implies that Peter love Jesus like a friend would love a friend. Agape is divine [Love from above] and Phileo is human.

Note Peter’s response: [1] “Yes LORD, you know I phileo you.” [Peter does not say “more”, just “I love you like a friend”] [2] Yes LORD, You know I phileo you. [3] LORD You know everything, You know that I phileo you.

A few important insights: [1] Peter has dropped out of the competition. He no longer compares his love for Jesus with anyone else. [2] Peter is very humble in his answers and reluctant to use the word ‘agape’. He fully understands that Christ’s love for him is infinitely greater than his love for Christ. [3] Peter knows that Jesus knows. Peterson’s paraphrase reads, “Lord I love you and you have to know that I love you.” Jesus did love Peter and when all was said and done, Peter knew that Jesus loved him.

The one thing a child needs to know is that he or she is loved. The one thing a child of God needs to know is that Jesus loves them personally, unconditionally and perfectly.


  • We had 320 yesterday morning but slightly less last night. We have made some last-minute changes. Some due to my health and some from lack of communication which is also on me. This Sunday will be Baptism and Message with the children joining us. We are moving the communion back to its normal time which is the first Sunday in January. We also changed the Christmas Supper to the 14th of December with AWANA going through the 17th. No services Sunday night December 21 but we will have Christmas Eve Communion on the 24th at 6:00.
  • Today we pray for Ministers and Missionaries
  • Wednesday night super 5:30
  • This Sunday is LUKE 14
  • November 30–Billy Graham’s HEAVEN [Video]
  • It was good to get back in to circulation last night but I’m not back by a long shot. I can’t sit unless I am in loose clothing like sweats. I hope to start walking tomorrow. I can’t drive until I go back to the Doctor on Friday. I am planning on coming Wednesday night LORD willing but I have to be careful. I don’t want to have this surgery again if I can help it.
  • One note of interest, we are less than 200 hits from the 100,000 mark. Since it took five years to get to this mark, I doubt we make 1,000,000.




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