Love Generates Giving–Humility Governs Receiving

November 14, 2014

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Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.

~Luke 6:38, NLT


“A bell’s not a bell ’til you ring it – A song’s not a song ’til you sing it – Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay – Love isn’t love ’til you give it away!”

~Oscar Hammerstein, II

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One of our Christmas traditions as empty nesters is watching Hallmark Christmas movies. I watched the Santa Suit [2010] last night and I saw something I had missed previously. There is a certain mentality or attitude that goes with giving but a gift cannot be a gift until there is someone to receive it. So literally, we have an attitude on both ends–generosity on one and humility and faith on the other.

santa suit kevin sorboThe ancients did not carry purses or back packs nor did they have shopping carts: they use baskets or lap sacks. The modern day “Fanny Pack” comes from the ancient tradition of the lap sack. Drake Hunter, played by Kevin Sorbo, was a greedy businessman who had totally missed the spirit of Christmas. The hardness of his heart was penetrated by the sadness of a small girl who seemed broken hearted about something but she would not reveal what was bothering her. Mr. Hunter did not give raises or Christmas bonuses and this cute little girl had been affected by his greed without his awareness. Her mom worked in Mr. Hunter’s plant. When he takes it upon himself to give to the child, there is a problem, she is not ready to receive, not from him. She does not trust Mr. Hunter due to his insensitivity toward her mother and others. Mr. Hunter becomes frustrated because he cannot share the gift that he wants her to have. 

The bottom line is: We have to be in a receptive mood to take a gift. The giver of the gift cannot be blessed by giving unless we receive in humility and good faith. This principle applies to SALVATION as well as everyday life.


In 1970-71, I served the Salem Springs Baptist Church is West Limestone. There I met a sweet family [5] who became friends instantly. The man worked at a plant in Decatur but with 3 children and his wife being a homemaker [noble calling], I assumed that money was tight. One Sunday night after church, he walked up and gave me $20 which I immediately gave back. I gave him one reason after another as to why I could not accept his gift. He walked away with a dejected look on his face and I sensed that I had offended him. An older gentlemen witnessed the entire drama and he came to me immediately: “Preacher, you didn’t handle that very well.” “How is that?” I quickly replied, “He needs the money more than I do.” The wise old bird said, “You’re missing the point. He had given his gift a lot of thought; he wanted to become a partner in your ministry and you denied him that privilege. You just robbed him of a blessing.” I had made the mistake, the man had already left but I never forgot the lesson. Greed keeps of from giving and pride keeps us from receiving.


  • Today we pray for FAMILY.
  • There will be a DEACON’S meeting this Sunday at 8:30: something came up.
  • Pray for Kenny.
  • Our heartfelt sympathy to Gregg Stinson, David Andrews and Marlon Cole on the departure of their love ones.



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