What Do We Do Now?

November 12, 2014

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“If we let Him go on, pretty soon everyone will be believing in Him and the Romans will come and remove what little power and privilege we still have.”

~John 11:48, MSG


When the power of love overcomes the love of power: you have peace.

~Jimi Hendrix

my thoughts redJesus raising Lazarus created quite a stir in the greater Jerusalem district. Many Jews became believers due to the testimony of Lazarus. The amazing thing is that Lazarus never speaks one word in scripture. Some have suggested that his sisters did all the talking but I think he most likely was the quiet sort. Words or not, God used him and the popularity of Jesus was growing in leaps and bounds. This had the Jewish religious establishment on their heels. The Jewish leaders loved the praise of men and they worked around the clock to raise their image in the opinion polls. Jesus came in and suddenly, it is like the Jewish leaders don’t exist: everyone is going after Jesus to their dismay. In the short verse above the Jews unwittingly make three confessions:

  1. They confess their ignorance…”If we let Him go”…Yeah right, like they had power over Jesus and he was operating on their permission. Folks, we don’t let God do anything…Our God lives in heaven and He does what He pleases.
  2. They were envious…”Pretty soon, everyone will be believing in HIM.” They were upset by Jesus popularity. Envy can cause religious folks to do some hateful and malicious things. I would be thrilled to see Jesus become the most popular figure in America. I would love to see people kneel to Him in adoration and worship but Pharisees are upset when people make a fuss over Jesus.
  3. Their real concern was their power and privilege. They were not concerned for the nation or the people, they were in it for themselves.

If your life revolves around your popularity, power and privilege: you are going to have a miserable life. The most miserable people in the world are those who try to control others and we certainly have no control over God. In Luke 12:29, Jesus said, “What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, not be preoccupied with getting so you can respond to God’s giving.” [Message]


  • Very good to be back in circulation last night: it is not only a joy to serve, it is a joy to be able to serve.
  • Today we pray for those under trials. I want us to really focus on Kenny Holliday. As I have stated previously, he is not having any good days. I know that many of you have problems but right now, I think we should focus on Kenny. Pray for him today.
  • Sunday is a big day with LCBS at 9:00 and the worship celebrations at 10:15 and 6:00. We will be honoring the Volleyball Champs in the AM and dedicating the RAMP in the PM. God is good!
  • My plans are to be out 4-6 days and then be back next Wednesday. I hope to get to attend Sunday, at least the worship services. I don’t have any idea about the blog. If I feel up to it; I will do it. We will play it by ear. It is not a good time to be out but it is time to do something about the problem. I’m afraid I will not get to mulch any leaves this year and you know how much I love grinding leaves with the Gravely.

my two cents worth.

Good Jim

Good Jim

bad jim

Bad Jim

I live for football season then don’t enjoy it. It’s to the point that I dread Saturdays. No one predicted the Florida romp over Georgia and no one, especially me, believed A & M could beat Auburn on any field but especially not at Jordan Hair. I am afraid the SEC West is going to beat itself to death. State could still lose two; Alabama has a real good change of losing two. It is very possible that both Alabama and Auburn could end up with three loses to SEC opponents and they may well be the two bests teams in the country. You don’t have this kind of pressure to win in the NFL. It is hard on Coaches, Players and idiot fans like myself. I think Saban has had some kind of spiritual experience. He never went ballistic at Baton Rouge. Even when it looked like our goose was cooked; he was calm on the outside. I was just as calm, watching the tape, after I knew the final score. I am not longer a fan of the NFL but I do enjoy watching San Francisco. Harbaugh reminds me of someone, I wonder who? Love him or hate him; you have to admit they guy is good entertainment.

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